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1 Purple onion

18 oz of Roasted Green Chiles ( blended with 3 cups of water)

10 oz of  Beef Chunks (seasoned with Garlic salt, Salt-free seasoning, Italian seasoning)

1 bag of Lentils

12 oz of Pico de Gallo ( tomatoes, onion, jalapeno, cilantro)

1 bushel of Green onion




Text Book: Science : Scotts, Foresman

Supplemental Books:

Planting a Rainbow

The Tiny Seed

The Carrot Seed

Living Sunlight: How Plants Bring The Earth to Life

Plant Life Cycles

Hungry Plants


1. Food coloring and carrot tops

2. Examining a tree trunk

3. Observing Plant Parts

4.  Plant some seeds.

5. Observe 3 different plants.

A. Compare their stems and leaves.

B. Draw pictures of any buds, fruits, or flowers.


1. Visit botany farm

2. Visit Natural Reserve Park

3. Visit Home Depot or local nursery




Totally Amazing Sea Creatures

Swimmy  by Leo Lionni

Rainbow Fish  by Marcus Pfister

Gentle Giant Octopus By Karen Wallace

BBC Earth Exciting  Earth Coloring Book

Earth and Moon:


Planet Earth Q&A

Claude and Sun

Science Book


Word Problems (using a number line instead of tactiles)


Animals , Sea creatures

Fun learning tools :

Ocean puzzle, Coloring Book, Sea Creatures toys, art project (space ship)


Force and Machines

1. Gravity

The Rain forest


Addition, Multiplication, and Sequencing Numbers ( 2-12)

Reading and Phonics

The Picnic. by Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy

What Is In the Egg? by Su Wong

What’s That Sound? by Akimi Gibson


Colors, Numbers, Animals

Improved Attention

J loves chapter books ; We’ve been reading a chapter book a week. So, far we have read EllRay Jakes is NOT a Chicken, Captain Underpants and Robert and the Attack of the Giant Tarantula. We read the chapter book along with 6 to 10 books we have in rotation. Reading time also consists reading science and literature text books.

J struggles with attention, however, at story time he is enthralled and attentive. He enjoys listening and participating. He uses his imagination when you ask him what he thinks may come next or what he would do if he were the character. Sometimes, his answers are so incredibly funny and crazy.

Any other time J is a fireball of constant movement and inattention. The ONLY TIMES he is calm is during outside play or exploration, television time, art time or when Momma is reading to him. He enjoys picking out RED books to read.

J used his ingenious creativity when asked to make the life cycle of a butterfly with geometric shapes and draw pictures of the life cycle.

We have been watching lots of documentaries about monarch butterflies on YouTube. We have enjoyed books such as Welcome Back Butterflies, I’m a Caterpillar and The Hungry Caterpillar.

On Saturday, J and I were trimming our overgrown grass. I also moved some purple queens in the yard to add a splash of color in the front yard.

After we went inside J began crying and itching. I noticed some swelling and hives on his cheek. I poured him some benedryl in orange juice. He continued to cry and began screaming in agony. I applied Cortaid on his body. His screams accelerated and hives were spreading. His eye began to swell shut. His face was swollen and his eyes were bloodshot.

My heart was racing, I was scared because the anti-histamine wasn’t working. His despair was overwhelming for both of us. I was about to RUSH him to Emergency Room because he had fever, was swollen and symptoms were increasing INSTEAD of decreasing. I stripped him of his clothing he was wearing outside. I ran him some bath water and bathed him with African Black Soap by SheaMoisture. It was a instant relief.  He calmed down. Next, I laid him in bed under the ceiling fan. I filled his humidifier with water and droplets of Breathe essential oil.

J was much better and slept nicely…NO MORE YARD WORK  for him.

Blended Broth:

2 green bell peppers

1 red bell pepper

3 bushels of cilantro

2 yellow squash

1 green squash

1 Mexican Squash

2 bushels of green onion

1 lemon

4 cloves of garlic


5 Russet potatoes

1 yellow onion

1 white onion

4 carrots

1 bag of okra

1 box of mushrooms

and boxed Chicken Broth

3 Carne Asada filets

Olive oil

Canola oil


Salt Free Seasoning

Garlic salt with Parsley flakes

Italian Seasoning


J picked out the book EllRay James is NOT a chicken.

It’s about a third grade boy named EllRay James who is being bullied by two boys in his class.

I talked to J about it. I told him he is to tell his teacher about the bullying. I instructed him to advocate for himself and tell the bully ” Stop what he was doing. To state that he did not like that behavior.”  And he is to tell me about any bullying behavior. I half jokingly said I would unleash my crazy on the student and administrators. He chuckled and said he would tell me.

On Monday, a boy grabbed J and without me telling him he advocated for himself and told the little boy to stop his behavior and let go of him. The boy was put in timeout by his caregiver.

I am proud of J, he handled the situation calmly and directly. I know as a child I would have warned that kid and if he didn’t listen…I would’ve made him listen to my not so nice actions.

Today, I volunteered in J’s preschool class. We sang a groovy song , Rainbow Around Me. J merrily belted out the lyrics of the song. ( He sang louder than everybody and did the body movements that coordinate with the song.

After school we went and had a snack…french fries and flavored shaved ice. We encountered our cousin Isaiah. J was excited to see him there working the register. He asked Melissa Isaiah’s coworker ” Did you know we know Isaiah?” While we were eating snack he talked endlessly. We had to leave when he began to try to climb on the furniture.

Next, we went to a discount store to search for my interview outfits. I told him I wanted his help and input on the outfit for my interviews. He immediately said ” You need a black shirt and black pants.” I refuted that black would be too hot because it will be in the 90’s. ” He told me ” You have to wear a gown because you are a princess. Princess wear high heels, too!”  We discussed how I needed something professional and comfortable. I also told I didn’t want to be a princess I am a queen and he is my prince. He insisted that I am a princess because he is my prince.

We ended up picking a coral blouse, magenta blouse, and black lace blouse and brown trousers. He persisted that I get a black shirt. So, that I can be a Black Superhero.

It was a lot of having his input on my clothing choices.. he wanted to pick out his clothes from the women’s section. I had to explain that the store was divided into different categories and also how the clothes in the women’s aisle were too big for him.. He then said when he get’s older he will wear big clothes. He saw a Mickey Mouse Club hooded sweatshirt for himself he wanted to purchase. I loved listening to his fast paced monologue, with some occasional questions for me. Lately, he has been experiencing hyperspeech. I understand it is a symptom of ADHD, however, I enjoy listening to him babble away. I remember the scary times when he was speechless, incoherent, and lost in his own world.