On Friday, I kept asking J “do you need to go potty?” he replied firmly “no!”.

So, after playing outside it was time to sit on the potty.

I discovered WHY he didnt need to go potty….he had already POOED his underpants!


A voice in my head kept repeating “Not cool! not cool!”

The Poo had become bonded with his underwear….GROSS!!!!!

Today, was a whole NEW LEVEL of OMG!!.

He was in the bath playing with his measuring cups…having a BLAST!

J calls me ” Mommmmm potty”.

I was busy…so i finished up….it took me 45 seconds….

As I walk into the bathroom, he begins to poooooop.

He glances up for a brief second says “ewww poop” then goes back to playing.

Needless to say Bathtime was over….I bleached tthe tub out….What a way  to start my day 🙂

On a positive note, when he woke up this morning his 1st request was “potty Moma”!