We had a fun weekend!

For the first time in FOREVER  we arrived at church on time for Sabbath School. We began our day at 7:37Am. Left the house  at 9:15am.

J sat nicely for the most part in the nursery, but had to sit in calm down time because he pushed Elisha because he didn’t want him to take the tractor. He also made Jessica cry because he pushed her out of the way of stepping on the beloved tractor. I gave him some strategies to use instead of pushing; such as moving the toy or asking for it back.

After church we went to China Star Restruant, J ate his favorite noodles and fruit. We came home and napped. The IWM had a special event: flashlight hunt. We played outside in the pond area, then he met a friend named Hadrien whom he ran around with, and then we went inside and used our flashlights. It was TONS of fun; afterwards I asked J if he was happy he didn’t stay home like he wanted….He replied “I have Fun”. He had so much fun he went to bed soon after we came home.

Today, J experienced sadness and disappointment because his music teacher was out of town. We waited on her to no avail. His face hung low and he didn’t want to leave the bottom of the steps. He was quiet and looked very pitiful…broke my heart.

Next, we went to get a school outfit, underwear ( a pack of 5 undies for $2.99), and 2 pairs of shoes for SCHOOL. Tomorrow is the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR J!!!!!!!

We came home …J fell asleep on the way home. He continued to nap. I woke him up to take him to Ice cream Safari 2012. We had fun. He went and sat by a family and introduced himself. We walked around the zoo and came home watered plants, played with Jack, got filthy in the sandbox with dinosaurs, showered and cleaned house.

I put J to bed at 8p; he didnt fall asleep until 10:45p…He is going to be one tired chap tomorrow ( and so will I if I dont go to bed soon!). I have packed his breakfast, extra clothes, laid his clothes out on the bed, and started laundry….Good night!

P.S. I decided this week I am going to do the Big Chop and get my Brows waxed…Bye Bye to my Afro! Hello to very close to bald headed….easy breezy Mornings…No fuss No musss!

And I bought myself a Momma 1st day of preschool outfit. A feminine blue flouncy skirt with a basic blue T.