On Saturday, J and I were trimming our overgrown grass. I also moved some purple queens in the yard to add a splash of color in the front yard.

After we went inside J began crying and itching. I noticed some swelling and hives on his cheek. I poured him some benedryl in orange juice. He continued to cry and began screaming in agony. I applied Cortaid on his body. His screams accelerated and hives were spreading. His eye began to swell shut. His face was swollen and his eyes were bloodshot.

My heart was racing, I was scared because the anti-histamine wasn’t working. His despair was overwhelming for both of us. I was about to RUSH him to Emergency Room because he had fever, was swollen and symptoms were increasing INSTEAD of decreasing. I stripped him of his clothing he was wearing outside. I ran him some bath water and bathed him with African Black Soap by SheaMoisture. It was a instant relief.  He calmed down. Next, I laid him in bed under the ceiling fan. I filled his humidifier with water and droplets of Breathe essential oil.

J was much better and slept nicely…NO MORE YARD WORK  for him.