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J’s Literary Loves

  1. Green Eggs & Ham
  2. Hop On Pop
  3. Moo, Baa, La La La
  4. Hugs & Kisses
  5. Belly Button Book
  6. Thomas & the School Trip
  7. Lights, Music & Me: Thomas & Friends

J loves reading and be read to; We began our morning cuddling up to his favorite books. Storytime can be relaxing , fun and a great way to unwind. Whenever J gets whiny & fussy I stop what I’m doing and read him several stories. It always calms him down and calms me too! I will stumble upon him reading to himself in his bedroom…sitting on his reading nook.

  1. The Princess and the Pea/ rachel Isadora
  2. No two alike
  3. Llama llama Mad at Mama  
  4. Jay & Ben
  5. Welcome Baby
  6. Baby Einstein Puzzle book
  7. PatternsProduct Details
  8. Product Details
  9. Product Details

Today, I found a great book called “You Are My I Love You.” at the grocery store. I read it to him he became quiet and still.

I really likes the message and verses. The pictures were traditional; soft colors and tender moments.

Lately J has been favoring simple books like Say Goodnight and Tickle, Tickle.

These books have no more than 6 words on the page. The print is big.

He also likes the touch & feel books again, particularly Welcome Winter.

His favorite part is to touch the velvet snowflakes and the crunchy snow.

We have also been reading a lot of Sesame Street books that go over concepts such as colors, counting, and letters.

Another one of his favorites is “Word World: Dog’s Birthday Party” it’s about plural words. The reader has to add “s” to the word to make more of something! He will request that I read this book at least 6 times …back to back. I include counting and colors concepts when I read this book.

My friends gave me some helpful info about reading books to J that use phenomenes such as “up” and “pup”, “cat” and “bat”. And requesting that J search for things on the page and label them. Also to use melodic repetiton with J to boost his vocabulary.


Color Zoo             Lois Ehlert

Freight Train         Donald Crews

How Many? How Much?  Rosemary Wells

Mouse Count         Ellen Stoll Walsh
Time for bed Mem Fox

Dear Zoo      Rod Campbell

Shake my Sillies out   Raffi

Girrafes Can’t Dance  Giles Andreas

We were just inntroduced to some really GREAT books courtesy of YOUTUBE. These books are by BAREFOOT BOOKS they are great creative books for toddlers. These books come alive with video and music.

Our favorite is KNICK KNACK PADDY WHACK because of the multicultural characters, diverse musical instruments, read along lyrics and terrific art!!!!

We also really liked Driving My Tractor; J kept signing again, again, and again!

This book was given to Jett by His Uncle Gerry. This book is a heirloom because it was read to Uncle Gerry as a child; this book is incredibly special.

Jett loves this book. He likes the flip and flaps. He enjoys when I read it to him. Jett also revels reading this book to himself. He seems to like to read it more in the morning when he first wakes up. We call it his “go-to- book”.

Jettsiah likes to see what the naughty monkeys are doing when they are cleverly escaping their cage or when they are playing dress-up.

I enjoy reading this book because there are so many things to talk about on each page. Its a nice and sturdy book for a rambuctious toddler. I like the short length of the book because sometimes Jett doesnt want me to read our longer books. Also I use this book to label animals and to count the animals. We discussed how the Elepahnt puts water in Thomas the Train to make steam.


The new zoo is ready to open-but where are all the animals?

Lift the flaps & help cheeky little Thomas the Tank Engine in his hunt for a hungry bear, a sleeping tiger, noisy parrots, naughty monkeys, and more!