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Where Does Heat Come from?

Book: Scotts Foresman Science

Life In The Forest. and The Mangrove Forest

Book: Reading Street

Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday

Math: Abacus

Counting by 10’s

Book: G is for Googol.

Friday, Saturday,

Art and Black History:

Book: Story Painter : The story of Jacob Lawerence

African American Art and Artists

A history of African American Artists: from 1972 to Presents

Modern Negro Art



I love reading books to J.

Story time is a time we cuddle, share laughter, and chat.

We read the same books, over and over again!

These are a few books I would like to get for J.                                                          

A Barnyard Collection: Click, Clack, Moo and More.                      

Dog Loves Books.       Food Chain. The Boss Baby.       Goodnight, Little Monster. 

On Sunday,  I took J to Bookman’s ,which is a used book store with other specialty items. J turned in 53 book reports. He recieved 50 Bookman Bucks.

As part of his study time J reads a book. When he is finished with the book he has to draw a picture related to the book and write a sentence about the book or a event in the book.  He really enjoys writing the sentence. J doesn’t complain or wince in disagreement to do his book reports. He smiles and enjoys learning and doing his study time. Plus, the rewards are SWEET!

J purchased several items with his Bookman Bucks. He bought 5 DVD’s and 8 books. He also got a Trumpet Kazoo. His DVD’s are Leap Frog Code Word Caper, Springtime Fun, Calling All Engines, Cat in the Hat Wings and Things, and Word World. The amazing books he got were Ten Apples On Top, Cat in The Hat All about Trees and five Thomas and Friend Books.

He says His favorite item he purchased was Leap Frog: Talking Words Factory 2 Code Word Caper. He is addicted to words and reading. He also likes different languages, for example, He is watching Pocoyo en Espanol (Spanish). He knows his numbers, colors, greetings, and much more in Spanish.

Science :

A a is for Anatomy:

Sight Words: Bones, Skin, Skull, Spine, Ribs, Heart, Brain, Also, Help, Your, Anatomy

A a is for Arizona:

Sight words: Arizona , Tucson, Flag

Learn the history of AZ flag, discuss the flag ( general observations), Look at USA map (identify AZ), COLORING sheet of AZ. and discuss AZ’s economy ( agriculture, manufacturing, & mining)


Counting Pennies

What’s missing?


Community outings:

Petsmart, children’s museum, Inside park ( i.e. McDonald’s , Chic-fi-la), Library storytime, outdoor park, Nursery to see desert plants.

Workbooks: Letters, Math, etc.


This is My Country Houghton Mifflin Social Studies

Human Anatomy Margaret Matt

The Busy Body Book Lizzy Rockwell

The Human Body Time Life Books

Skin John Parker

Bones Megan Duhamel

and plenty of other books for recreation.

I like these bright shelves.

I enjoy the simplicity of the lounge chair and a plant. The tall book shelf compliments the room.

It is neat how the bookshelves are part of the wall; but leaves room for a piece of art or window.






I LOVE to read books to my lil’ Prince J.

Here are some books I have wanted for a long time.

Sweet, Sweet Memory Jacqueline Woodson 

Creature Andrew Zuckerman   The secret Olivia told me.

My Abuelita Tony Johnston   The Negro Speaks of Rivers 

 Black All Around  Father & Son 


New Books!

I LOVE buying used books from our local library.

They have a great selection that is updated regularly.

Today, I found some great GEMS!

Born in Gravy by Denys Cazet

Julio’s Magic by Author Dorros

Cherish Today  by Kristina Evans

Some Smug Slug by Pamela Edwards

In the Tall, Tall Grass by Denise Fleming

Shadow  by Marcia Brown

The Three Princes by Eric Kimmel