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At the end of J’s preschool his teacher gives the students snack which is usually goldfish or fruit loops.

J is gluten free and does not eat foods that have dyes such as red 40, yellow 5 , etc. I pack food in his breakfast bag so he can have something healthy and tasty to munch with his friends.

I made a snack mix.

1.Florida’s Natural au’some nuggets variety pack.

These are tasty treats. All the ingredients are healthy. They are gluten free & fat free, no preservatives,  no artificial colors or flavors and no transfat.

2.Maui& Sons Coconut chips .

They are all natural, vegan gluten free and no GMO. They smell so sweet and delicious.

3. Amazin Cranberries & Diced plums.

The fruit is tart and sweet. They have a sweet balance.

4. Pumpkin Seeds: Roasted & Salted

J loves these.


Sweet & Sour Salmon

I rubbed the salmon with lemon pepper & herbs.

I baked it in : lemon juice & pineapple juice.

I seasoned it with onion, minced garlic, liquid smoke, and paparika.

The salmon had hints of sweetness mixed with a perfect tartness!


We had a lot of fun!

Jett loved the music and atmosphere so much he didnt eat. He looked around and smiled. He really like the sign that had a guitar and below it it read “Mariachi”. Jett smiled and pretended to strum a guitar while blissfully staring at the sign. He also liked the parrots, coconut ‘head’, and chili lights.

Jett also relished the background music. He sang along very LOUDLY!

The food was GREAT! My Mom and I both had a ‘deluxe burro’ enchilada style. The burro was delicious it had HUGE chunks of avocado with a great seasoning. I also had rice and beans; that were superb. Granpa James had soft beef tacos with Mexican cheese-they were SCRUMPTIOUS!

I went hog wild on chips and salsa…..they were so GOOD to me!