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At the end of J’s preschool his teacher gives the students snack which is usually goldfish or fruit loops.

J is gluten free and does not eat foods that have dyes such as red 40, yellow 5 , etc. I pack food in his breakfast bag so he can have something healthy and tasty to munch with his friends.

I made a snack mix.

1.Florida’s Natural au’some nuggets variety pack.

These are tasty treats. All the ingredients are healthy. They are gluten free & fat free, no preservatives,  no artificial colors or flavors and no transfat.

2.Maui& Sons Coconut chips .

They are all natural, vegan gluten free and no GMO. They smell so sweet and delicious.

3. Amazin Cranberries & Diced plums.

The fruit is tart and sweet. They have a sweet balance.

4. Pumpkin Seeds: Roasted & Salted

J loves these.


J has had a immeasurable success with his dog Gordon-Henry Issac. He informed me Issac is his last name which differs from ours.

GHI has eased anxiety. For example, he HATES to be ALONE. Yesterday, he was in his Grandparents home , while we all talked outside . He opened up the back door and asked ” Mom, can you come inside with me?” and I replied ” I am enjoying being outdoors talking to Grandma. You can bring your toys outside.” He said ” No, I don’t want to.” he shut the door and played inside.  Last, we he would have whined , cried and demanded that I play with him exclaiming he was scared and lonely. My Mom noticed a difference in his behavior .

J has NEVER slept in his own crib  or bed. He used to scream just passing his crib. He has had his bed three and a half years and hadn’t slept in it. For the last 3 nights he has been sleeping in bed without complaint.

I LOVE everything about this preschool.

The foliage is amazing .

It is pretty awesome to have a indoor pond.

Parental involvement is a plus.

I am overjoyed by their book selection.

Nature is abundant….simply astounding .


We had fun making a Home depot run.

J picked out Yellow Pear Tomato plant , pansies and petunias.


I admired the grapefruit mint , which smells exquisite.

I am planning on putting these plants with unsowed seed.

Our garden will have exotic and beautiful colors : yellow, pink, magenta, and violet.

On Tuesday, I was at the grocery store strolling the spice aisle .

I decided I would sow the spice seeds poppy and fennel.

I have a empty spot that I will sow the poppy seeds.

Fennel seeds will help J when he has a upper respiratory infection.



Germ Warfare

Zinc rich foods help protect our bodies fight illness and heal. ( /november 2012)

Zinc rich foods include beans, oyster, calf liver, peas, and almonds.

Souper soother:

2 cups of water combined with the juice of 1 lemon

zest from 1/2 that lemon

1/8 tsp cayenne pepper

2 cloves chopped onion

an inch of chopped fresh ginger

honey to taste ( kids over 1 yrs)

Bring to a boil, pour through strainer.