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Totally Amazing Sea Creatures

Swimmy  by Leo Lionni

Rainbow Fish  by Marcus Pfister

Gentle Giant Octopus By Karen Wallace

BBC Earth Exciting  Earth Coloring Book

Earth and Moon:


Planet Earth Q&A

Claude and Sun

Science Book


Word Problems (using a number line instead of tactiles)


Animals , Sea creatures

Fun learning tools :

Ocean puzzle, Coloring Book, Sea Creatures toys, art project (space ship)


Force and Machines

1. Gravity

The Rain forest


Addition, Multiplication, and Sequencing Numbers ( 2-12)

Reading and Phonics

The Picnic. by Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy

What Is In the Egg? by Su Wong

What’s That Sound? by Akimi Gibson


Colors, Numbers, Animals



1. Observing Hot & Cold by Touching.

2. Can We Measure How Hot Something Is?

Book: Scotts Foresman Science text book

Monday, Wednesday, Sunday

Science in Reading : Expository Nonfiction

Honey Bees

Words to Read: family, other, also, their, some, new

Book: Reading Street


Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday


A is for Abacus

Counting by 5’s, 10’s

Book: G is for Googol



colors, counting , family

Videos: Language Tree

Reading board books in Spanish

Art :

Coloring and creating pictures


Black / African-American’s who changed history

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

J has lost his TOTAL focus on Thomas trains. He enjoys art, especially painting. J will paint pictures or paint a page one solid color. Several months back he only wanted to use crayons when he was being creative. For Christmas, he received art supplies. Paint brushes, finger paints, storage bins , sun catchers, and beads.

I updated his art, music , and study room for his Christmas room. He enjoys it.


Monday, Wednesday, Sunday


Where Does Heat Come from?

Book: Scotts Foresman Science

Life In The Forest. and The Mangrove Forest

Book: Reading Street

Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday

Math: Abacus

Counting by 10’s

Book: G is for Googol.

Friday, Saturday,

Art and Black History:

Book: Story Painter : The story of Jacob Lawerence

African American Art and Artists

A history of African American Artists: from 1972 to Presents

Modern Negro Art