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On Saturday, J woke up with a cough and wheezing. His breathing seemed labored and he had a fever. I slathered olive oil on his chest and put several drops of Breathe by doTerra and also directly under his nose. By the evening time, his wheeze, cough, and fever were GONE!

Saturday late afternoon we went on a play date/ birthday party. J played with his friends on the trampoline and dome climber. He painted pumpkins with his friends. He snacked on black olives. Earlier in the morning, he exclaimed ” My body parts need hot dogs!” He ate several hot dogs at the party. Hot dogs are a rarity for him, he only get’s to eat them at his best friends house. He was full of smiles and happiness. He and his friends played with their I pads together.

Today, J had piano lessons. Which are really “Testing Mommies Patience” classes, because J prefers do NOT follow the instructions of Susan (Teacher). He is suppose practice using fingers 2 & 3 on the black keys and he is touching every key, sliding down his chair, almost knocking over the keyboard and generally not listening. Susan had a wise idea…J can memorize which numbers are associated with which finger and play any key with those fingers (2 or 3) and then after that when he loses interest give him worksheets to do. He LOVES the worksheets. Her solution is marvelous.

We had a fun time with our friends. J’s friend R turned 5 today. J helped Erin whip the batter, put strawberries on the angel cake and danced with her. He was incredibly charismatic today…bubbly, loquacious,and gregarious. He was even a little flamboyant.

After our play date we went to Bookman’s. J turned in his book reports. He used his $10 Bookman Bucks to buy 2 books and 2 DVD’s. He bought The Cat in the Hat Comes Back and Curious George books and James and the Red Balloon and Hooray for Thomas DVD’s. J has both of those Thomas books.

When leaving Fry’s grocery store, we encountered a lame grasshopper. This was perfect because for science this week we read about “Desert Life” and we had learned about locust. J was kind and calm with the grasshopper. He observed the grasshopper with touching it.

To end our EXCITING  Sunday, we spent time with my Bestie  Sha’Ne. She made a tasty and addictive hamburger soup for me. I really enjoyed the crisp onions and soft potatoes. The soup base was well seasoned, didnt have too much of anything…it was just right! J colored and made up words while trying to dodge the friendly dog who  wanted all of his attention.

We enjoyed our weekend and fun together, J listened intently to his new book at bedtime story time.


I am adjusting J’s playrooms to be more functional. He has really been interested in using his foam blocks. I moved his blocks into smaller bins and moved them to the bigger playroom. He has more floor space to create block structures.

I moved the easel from the doorway of his Art, Music, and Study room. His magnet board was transferred to the rug. He has lost interest in his magnet board, I thought by moving it would bring it back into his attention. That is not the case. This evening I will clear everything off of it and put his magnet triangles on it. They are primary colors, so it might capture his attention.

I also removed his wooden blocks and plastic blocks from the bin and put them on the shelves. He played with them last night.

I have put some level 1 and 2 books in a basket on the floor for him to be able to read and relax time. His favorite book in the basket is Pete the Cat the book inspired his jack o’ lantern to be Pete the Cat. His pumpkin has blue ears and blue whiskers. He made at preschool today.

On Sunday,  I took J to Bookman’s ,which is a used book store with other specialty items. J turned in 53 book reports. He recieved 50 Bookman Bucks.

As part of his study time J reads a book. When he is finished with the book he has to draw a picture related to the book and write a sentence about the book or a event in the book.  He really enjoys writing the sentence. J doesn’t complain or wince in disagreement to do his book reports. He smiles and enjoys learning and doing his study time. Plus, the rewards are SWEET!

J purchased several items with his Bookman Bucks. He bought 5 DVD’s and 8 books. He also got a Trumpet Kazoo. His DVD’s are Leap Frog Code Word Caper, Springtime Fun, Calling All Engines, Cat in the Hat Wings and Things, and Word World. The amazing books he got were Ten Apples On Top, Cat in The Hat All about Trees and five Thomas and Friend Books.

He says His favorite item he purchased was Leap Frog: Talking Words Factory 2 Code Word Caper. He is addicted to words and reading. He also likes different languages, for example, He is watching Pocoyo en Espanol (Spanish). He knows his numbers, colors, greetings, and much more in Spanish.

Today, while checking out at Albertson’s Grocery.

J asked the cashier “What’s your name?”

She said “Sam.”

He smiled at her and said ” You’re special!”

She responded with a smile and “Thank you!”

J quickly exclaimed “Nice to meet you! Have a great day!”

He made me so proud to be his Momma. He is a BIG 4 year old!

We had fun making a Home depot run.

J picked out Yellow Pear Tomato plant , pansies and petunias.


I admired the grapefruit mint , which smells exquisite.

I am planning on putting these plants with unsowed seed.

Our garden will have exotic and beautiful colors : yellow, pink, magenta, and violet.

 Little Tikes Seek & explore Epedititon Climber.

  Step 2 Deluxe Action Train Table

I was using Time-out and Time- in for discipline, without seeing immediate and gratifying effects.
So, my discipline approach has evolved to losing privileges. It’s AMAZING! Just mentioning the caveat of ” If you continue, you will lose a privilege.” Get’s J’s ATTENTION & He obeys.

For example, this morning he was avoiding getting dressed for school. I warned him if you don’t cooperate you will lose the privilege to watch a Thomas & friends Movie. He walked into the bathroom ready to get dressed. No more antics!

Last week, for the letter R we discussed RESPONSIBILITY. J has been informed his chores or responsibilities are to clean up after himself and to help me carry in groceries. He earns 75 cents a week. He is SAVING his money for a EDWARD train. He constantly talks about saving his money to buy his Edward train. ” I buy Edward!” “I have 1,2,3,4 to buy Edward!”

Activity: Eat different texture foods.
Rip, tear, and crush a piece of paper, to describe how teeth work.


The Big Book of Knowledge. 

The Tooth book. Dr. Suess 

Where the Wild Things are. Maurice Sendak

Tuesday: Taste & Touch 

Activity: My 5 senses treasure hunt. (Literacy, Activity, and center Units) 

Music: Listen & Learn Music: The 5 senses. Rachel Rambach 

Book: My 5 senses. Aliki 

Tiger & Tortoise


Activity: Zoo

Books: It’s a Tiger! David La Rochelle
I see animals sleeping: A bedtime Story. Thomas M. Heffron 
Sleep like a Tiger. Mary Logue
The Tangram Magician 

Video: (You Tube) Kid’s National Geographic : Tiger, Tortoise

Activity: Draw & color triangles.
Triangle puzzles.
Thursday: Toad, Turtle, Tarantula

Activity: Visit Desert Pet Store
Books: Tarantulas 
Frog & Toad are Friends. Arnold Lobel 
Toad Rage. Morris Gleitzman

Friday: Trains

Activity: Ride the train at the zoo.
Tracing worksheets.
Books: Freight Train. Donald Crews 
Trains. Bryon Barton 
The Goodnight Train. June Sobel 
The Little Engine That Could. Watty Piper
Trains Go. Steve Light
All Aboard Trains. Ricshard Courtney

I Love Trains. Philemon Sturges
Train Man. Andrea Zimmerman.

I am SO excited about this week’s letter Ss because it will be a lot of SCIENCE. Especially, Botany! We will be buying compost, planting beans, watering, reading and just having FUN!

We will have a lot of park time. Enjoying the SUNLIGHT, SWINGING, SLIDING, AND SKIPPING.If the weather permits SWIMMING in a heated pool.

Monday: Go to the park and play.

Slide, Sand, Swing, Soccer.

Tuesday: Snow Paint!

Eat Spaghetti.

Eat a Snow Cone/ Icee.

J LOVES the idea of snow. He played with the neighbor’s barbecue ashes, making snow angels. He was covered in ashes. he DOES NOT like being dirty. He exclaimed ” I’m not dirty, it’s snow!

Wednesday: Swim

Thursday: Seed, Soil, Plant.

Sun catcher.

Paint and glitter a Sun catcher.

Friday: Serpent.

Go to the zoo.

Books to read this week: