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I LOVE everything about this preschool.

The foliage is amazing .

It is pretty awesome to have a indoor pond.

Parental involvement is a plus.

I am overjoyed by their book selection.

Nature is abundant….simply astounding .



I like these bright shelves.

I enjoy the simplicity of the lounge chair and a plant. The tall book shelf compliments the room.

It is neat how the bookshelves are part of the wall; but leaves room for a piece of art or window.

This is our current book storage situation:

Home Makeover Ideas

Two color combination laundry room


 I like the idea of my cabinets being caribe yellow (Behr) with a turqiouse  background. The adjacent walls being a olive/ sour apple green…That would match the foyer wall.

contemporary blue small kitchen design-small space registry-discussion-101312.jpg

I am going to plant vines across the back fence and add a container garden alongside the back fence of  small palms, mixed with flowers and some herbs like basil…that are bushy plants. I think I might add some grasses or more herbs to give the yard a aroma.

yellow and blue color scheme

yellow and red color scheme

yellow green color scheme


J’s playroom

J has TON’S of toys…however, we just moved into my old house. We were living in my Mom’s home ( for 3 years); which is a MUCH nicer home: in a better neighborhood, better schools, lots of desert landscape and wildlife.

I’m back to my Bachelorette pad , now a Mama & Baby Boy Home. Our home is under renovation. J is going to have a inside playroom…on a much smaller scale than before. He is getting a playhouse built in the back yard for the rest of his toys.

He requested a train bedroom. So, I am going to repurpose his digger traffic rug  for his playroom and get him a Thomas traffic rug for his bedroom.

For his Playroom..I’m considering a mural….here are some ideas I like…..

I’m thinking chocolate brown for mud, yellow construction vehicles (probably decals…) I don’t trust my art abilities.

boys-bedrooms-under-construction-appliques.jpg boys-bedrooms-construction-site-custom-mural.jpg boys-bedrooms-construction-sign.jpg Elephants on the Wall 5-1242 Under Construction- Small

Under Construction Transportation Car Wall Decals Wall Stickers For



Playroom ideas

 An activity mat is a great way to protect and decorate the flooring in your kids playroom. Decorating a Kid’s Playroom    

bedroom ideas


J decided He wants a blue train room.

My compromise is NEW Thomas & Friends bedding and maybe a Thomas throw pillow.

He has a small toddler size Thomas Train blanket, that I will use a wall hanging.

Here are a few that He will consider.


creative home ideas

Great idea for the large wall in our bedroom hanging stuffs on wall, lets do it with style hanging wall gardengallary wall Trellis w/ wall fountain Laugh... things-for-my-wall making wall art using styrofoam blue wall Vintage Kitchen Wall Art Teal walls and red ceiling! Wall color   

turquoise and red turquoise patio chocolate brown with turquoise turquoise pinboard yellow and turquoise Pink and turquoise living roomBook Display Wall. Could double as a picture wall as well. OMG BEST wall color ever DIY Living Wall by Renee Garner via modishblog #Living Wall #Garden #Renee Garner #modoishblog  recycled gutters into the book wall...i love this room with its orange book walls! Whether it's kid's art or something else, I like this gallery wall that's framed and painted slightly darker then the walls. wall oh my word, such a neat wall and pattern Walls Alphabet Wall. Obviously I need a house first, then a tree wall and no doubt some birds will live in it Green walls, white accents. chartreuse walls