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J has had a immeasurable success with his dog Gordon-Henry Issac. He informed me Issac is his last name which differs from ours.

GHI has eased anxiety. For example, he HATES to be ALONE. Yesterday, he was in his Grandparents home , while we all talked outside . He opened up the back door and asked ” Mom, can you come inside with me?” and I replied ” I am enjoying being outdoors talking to Grandma. You can bring your toys outside.” He said ” No, I don’t want to.” he shut the door and played inside.  Last, we he would have whined , cried and demanded that I play with him exclaiming he was scared and lonely. My Mom noticed a difference in his behavior .

J has NEVER slept in his own crib  or bed. He used to scream just passing his crib. He has had his bed three and a half years and hadn’t slept in it. For the last 3 nights he has been sleeping in bed without complaint.


On Tuesday, I was at the grocery store strolling the spice aisle .

I decided I would sow the spice seeds poppy and fennel.

I have a empty spot that I will sow the poppy seeds.

Fennel seeds will help J when he has a upper respiratory infection.



The UPGRADED Elixir.


Peppermint & Peppermint tea

coconut oil





The NEW Elixir: StrepThroat

peppermint leaves

 extra virgin coconut oil

garlic cloves   


lemon juice

ground ginger 

1 tangerine 

I created this elixir (preemptive action for the UNKNOWN) because J had stopped eating. He didn’t present with fever or any telling signs. However, he had little symptoms such as dry skin, a rash under his nose, and his complaint about being tired. J also had loose, decreased in size and pale colored bowel movement. Another, troubling symptom was erratic rapid heartbeat.  He was TIRED even after LONG naps and nighttime rest. While waiting for his appointment, J vomited.

I took him to his PCP today…His Dr. declared after a throat swab; he has STREP THROAT!! 😦

I want to make a DIY adaptive outdoor oasis for J to help build his coordination, strength, and balance. Here are a few of my ideas.

Little Tikes Bumble Bee BuggyLittle Tikes 30th Anniversary Cozy CoupeClimbing Ladder - Pirate Climb Lifetime Dome Climber, Earth Tones  

It started yesterday, J went to bed early.He missed dinner. He slept nearly 16 hours. I was exhausted because I was told he was only suppose to sleep for 4 hours . So, I spent alot of time trying to get him to wake up. Losing sleep. I was EXHAUSTED today. J was well rested despite my efforts  to thrawt his slumber.

When we got there the nurse told me ” Sleep deprivation wasn’t neccessary”.

J did really well. The Valium took effect almost immediately. In his drunken stuper he said “I’m a awake!” while fighting the drug. He refused to go to sleep. He was not distracted by the Spider cartoon on the Ipad. He watched the Dr. perform the test and complained of pain. He whimpered and cried without tears. The Dr. performed the test solely on J’s legs.

For a while J was walking on his toes and had other strange behaviors. Mr. J was picking at his skin until it bleeds, however, has since stopped those behaviors. He was given several blood test where it was discovered that he had elevated levels of ammonia, beta-alanine & createse kinase. I’m going to take him later today or tomorrow to get his levels checked again.


The Dr. reported that his nerves and muscles are working properly.

Electroencephalograph, or EEG, is a neurological test that uses an electronic monitoring device to measure and record electrical activity in the brain.

Nerve conduction studies (NCT) are specific tests designed to detect diseases of the nerves and muscles.Nerves control the muscles in the body using electrical impulses. Whenever a muscles contract (tenses up) in response to a signal from the brain, it also produce an electrical discharge of its own. Electromyography (EMG) measures the electrical discharges made by the muscles. Nerve conduction studies (nerve conduction velocity) measure how well individual nerves can transmit electrical signals.

Measuring the electrical activity in muscles and nerves can help detect the presence, location, and extent of diseases that can damage muscle tissue (such as muscular dystrophy) or nerves (such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). In the case of nerve injury, the actual site of nerve damage can often be located. EMG and nerve conduction studies are often done together to provide more complete information.

In nerve conduction testing, the technician will place round metallic electrodes on the skin over the nerve at various locations of the body. The technician will send electric impulses through specific nerves, and the response time or reaction of the nerves will be measured.  The response time of each individual nerve will help determine if the nerve is normal or abnormal.

I am going to make a commitment for Jett & I to have a  daily run & walk session around our neighborhood.

We will start small maybe a 10 minute walk & run session at first.

I need the exercise to build muscle. First time in my life I am seeing cellulite on my body….not a good look!

My body has shifted and changed since I have had J. Before, I had J I little body fat. I walked 9 1/2 miles a day, swam for 3 hours, and was very *active*. I have a faint sillohette of my abs 3 years later. But mostly flab where muscle and tone use to be.

Mr. J was recently diagnosed with hypotonicity…so exercise is great for him to strenghten his muscles. We go to the park so he can run & climb (sometimes twice a day). I have seen improvement; he can pull himself up and climb over a jungle gym toy that was previosly a challenge. This summer J enjoyed a enrichment class that focused on motor  development.

According to Baby Center, simply getting children involved in exercise is one of the most common treatments recommended by doctors. Any activity, sport or exercise that your individual child enjoys should be indulged. Swimming and gymnastics especially provide many strength-building benefits.  

Read more:

Hypotonia is a neuromuscular disability that results in abnormally low muscle tone. This ailment is often caused by a genetic disorder, such as Down syndrome, Canavan disease and achondroplasia. While hyptotonia is easy to diagnose, it is often difficult to find its cause. Hypotonia often affects a child during infancy and can be minimized with a regimen of regular physical therapy and exercise. Consult your child’s pediatrician before doing new exercises with your child.

Read more:

While your child may be too young to perform exercises on his own, stimulating muscle tissue by massaging him can help strengthen and develop his muscle. Massage your child’s arms, legs, back and neck gently, as well as any other party of his body affected by the ailment. According to the CDADC website, consistent and firm muscle stimulation can help your child develop deep skeletal musculature over time.

Read more:

Give an older child with hypotonia something weighted, such as a backpack or bag filled with books or toys, is a good way to help her to develop muscle. Because the bag is filled with things your child likes and feels positive about, it will be easier for you to get your child to wear it for extended periods. The weight of the bag for an hour or two a day — as well as the act of moving the bag around to get things out of it — can help strengthen your child’s shoulder, back and other muscles.

Read more:

According to the Greater Atlanta Speech & Language Clinic, speech therapy and occupational therapies that focus on cognitive skills are used to treat hypotonia. These activities can include occupational exercises like hand-eye and cognitive skills. Hand-eye coordination games and even puzzles are used to improve learning performance and concentration. Speech therapies are designed to improve communication and hearing; they focus on understanding sounds, syllables and patterns, according to Greater Atlanta Speech.

Read more:

Last Friday, when I got J ready for bed, I noticed his groin area was dramatically swollen. His penis, testicles…everything down south was swollen. His belly was hard and swollen.

He hadnt urinated in 5 days. I had previously taken him to the ER where they didn’t want to believe me that he hadn’t  peed. So they gave him fluids, I nursed him and they waited for 5 hours to see if he would urinate ; and as I told them he didn’t pee. They did a ultrasound of his bladder he had urine in his bladder, they then catherized him to do a urinanalysis. Which determined he did not have a urinary tract infection. They were stumped as to why he hadn’t peed. Because they kept commenting ” he is visibly hydated”.

I decided to let J sleep a while after his shower to see if the swelling would go down. After a hour the swelling hadn’t gone away. So I packed us up and went to urgent care. From urgent care they sent us to the ER. His groin area was sensitive to touch. He screamed and kicked anytime a person with scrubs came near him. J is ALWAYS HAPPY; which let me know he was in pain and uncomfortable. After we arrived he peed; he soaked thru 3 diapers. He hadnt peed all day…..5 days without urination. He made up for it in a short amount of time.

That nite they did a comprehensive ultrasound of his abdomen; which included his liver, kidneys, pancreas and his testicles. They concluded he had a undescended testicle. They also did a urinanalysis which also came out negative for a UTI.

He has continued to have swelling with discomfort ( doesnt want me to touch them). So, I scheduled a appointment on Wednesday afternoon. On our way to our appointment we were rearended. We were hit pretty hard shook the van and left a abrasion on Sky’s nose from the popsicle hitting him on the nose and breaking. The doctor concluded that both J’s testicles have descended and that he has HYDROCELE.

The testicles of a baby boy actually develop inside the abdomen while he is growing inside the womb. During the third month of pregnancy, an outpouching of the lining that surrounds the inside of the abdomen descends through a tiny canal into the scrotum. This tube paves the way for the testicles to travel down into the scrotum. Once the testicles have reached their final destination in the scrotum, which usually happens just before birth, the tube pinches off near the abdomen.

When fluid is found in the scrotum, it is called a hydrocele. Sometimes when the tube pinches off, it traps some fluid from the abdominal cavity in the scrotum. This is called a non-communicating hydrocele. It is called non-communicating because the tube is closed off from the abdominal cavity. However, sometimes the tube does not completely close off, and fluid from the abdominal cavity is free to flow through this tube into the scrotum. This is called a communicating hydrocele.

Because there is no new fluid coming into a hydrocele that is non-communicating, the body usually absorbs it over the first year of life. A communicating hydrocele will fluctuate in size since the fluid will travel to and from the abdominal cavity. Boys with this type of hydrocele are usually noted to have more fluid in the scrotum while they are upright or active and less while they are lying down asleep.

Up to 50 percent of all boys have some fluid within the scrotum at birth. Hydroceles are not painful, and the fluid from a non-communicating hydrocele may take up to a year to be absorbed. If the hydrocele lasts for more than a year, it implies that it is a communicating hydrocele, and many pediatricians recommend having it surgically closed. This recommendation for surgery is based upon the concern that a hernia may eventually develop.

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Last night, I heard a work in progress explosion or as I call it ” bubble guts”.

So, I anticipated liquid poo for the forecast today…

and liquid poo is what J delivered with a extra side of vomit!!!

I have had to change the bed sheets, wash him up in the tub, and wash his clothes & linens.

He still has a slight fever. the fever reducer isn’t taking it down.

He still has a appetite….he is nursing and just wants to be held. He’s moving alot. flapping his arms like is flying and moving his legs all around!

While he sits on my lap we are reading his favorite books and giving him lots of kisses.

He has been very helpful; helping me take my bedsheets off the bed and helping to mop after I mopped the floor.

We went outside to play in the mud…J enjoyed splashing in the water..He wanted nothing to do with getting muddy. With my assistance he scooped mud in the dump truck.

J agreed to go inside and take a nap since he was out of sorts and just wanted to rest. He then changed his mind and ventured into the playroom to play with toys and watch Thomas & Friends. He is sitting on the “puke sheet” with his turquiose vomit basin near him!

He is sipping on a wild concuction of juice (pomergranate& blueberry) gingerale & water.

Our plans changed today…Friday at 10am we join music hour at the bookstore. But, today at  9am J began projectile vomitting. The 1st incident occured on my bed.

So, I said its a outside day….I rather hose vomit off my porch then wipe it off my floors or scrub it out of my carpet.

He continued to vomit mercilessly. It came flowing out of his nose then his mouth…then both at the same time.

He had a lot of mucus in the vomit because he is congested.

His diet consisted of breastmilk and heavily diluted juice 80/20. Which made the throw up tolerable for me….but the quantity was alot!

I called his dr. to get it triaged over the phone; called to make sure i was doing everything right (keep offering fluids & take it easy) He has a slight fever.

Since he thrown up over 10 times in a short period of time his nurse thought it was crucial he come in for a appointment…I told her its nothing serious…just a virus. But she insisted…so we went and the Dr. told me just what I said :”its a virus”. He even threw up in the Dr’s office.

Since we didnt use our early morning to jam out to chords; we took a nature walk and continued our lesson on birds.  Yesterday we discussed birds songs and nest. We gazed at nest in a cactus in our front yard. We listened to their songs and looked for birds building nest.

Today we “made” a nest. I am not a weaver so we recycled the watermelon container that is round and picked up things that would be in a nest.

We picked up sticks, dried leaves, cotton balls, styrafoam.

The boys were not amused by our science project, I had to keep trying to hold their attention….So we took breaks in between and played in the mud.

They enjoyed making orange pineapple jello and we discussed the color. They also enjoyed watering the plants and playing with our dog Jack.