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A new revalation has revealed itself on our potty learning journey.

J has been staying dry through the night for about 2 1/2 weeks.

J will tell me “potty mom” first thing in morning.

During the day he will tell me “potty mom” and I usually have about a minute to get him to the potty or disaster will occur. So, we happily take our toad potty everywhere we go. This ensures we dont have any “failures” or missed oppurtunites for potty success.

We are phasing out diapers; we our gleefully traveling to a very independent toddlerhood.


On Friday, I kept asking J “do you need to go potty?” he replied firmly “no!”.

So, after playing outside it was time to sit on the potty.

I discovered WHY he didnt need to go potty….he had already POOED his underpants!


A voice in my head kept repeating “Not cool! not cool!”

The Poo had become bonded with his underwear….GROSS!!!!!

Today, was a whole NEW LEVEL of OMG!!.

He was in the bath playing with his measuring cups…having a BLAST!

J calls me ” Mommmmm potty”.

I was busy…so i finished up….it took me 45 seconds….

As I walk into the bathroom, he begins to poooooop.

He glances up for a brief second says “ewww poop” then goes back to playing.

Needless to say Bathtime was over….I bleached tthe tub out….What a way  to start my day 🙂

On a positive note, when he woke up this morning his 1st request was “potty Moma”!

On Wednesday, we did our usual Toddler Time and Zoo visit.

After lunch, we looked at a few animals and journied to the grassy play area.

The kids played around running, climbing into the “tree cave”, and opening, closing and wildly escaping the play area with wild laughter.

After playing a while more children came to play. An older girl asks me “What’s that?” pointing down. I look down and see poop.

I automatically knew it was J’s. ( It had my homemade lentil soup ingredients- spinach, shredded carrots, onion, and lentils)

His pants were dry but he had some skid marks in his pants.

I grabbed a baby wipe, picked it up and tossed it into the trash. Never did I ever think as a Mom I would be scooping the Poop of my child at a park!

Parenthood surprises!

Lately, J has been asking to go potty or bringing the potty to me and exclaiming “potty”!

He will also answer truthfully if you ask him if he needs to go potty.

He hasn’t had very many accidents.

Yesterday, J came in my room as I was folding the Mt. Kilamajaro of laundry, I smelled poo!

Then I found out as I proceded to change and clean him up….poo sprinkled down his leg, smeared all over his sock, stuck to his pants leg…..We  were up to our eyeballs in poo! His diaper was loaded with poo.

I got him cleaned up…when I happened to glance down on the floor of the playroom which stores the laundry closet. I saw a GIANT piece of poo on the beige carpet. The later I noticed the trail of poo from the playroom through the kitchen and hallway.

Moments later to my shock & horror I found a HUGE clump of poo on the playrug.

It makes me question: How can such a little guy have soooooo much poo?

I have relaxed on him going potty because he has been feeling well…we have been more focused on hugs, kisses, & cuddles. Potty is on hold…..I know I need to be consistent but getting him well is really my priorty.

J had a really scary time last week….he had cranial swelling, his entire ear was swollen, and the surgical wound was oozing dark yellowish brown puss….He had to get an IV which he later ripped out. Was admitted to the hospital; which he loved because of the constant adoration from the dr’s and nurses and other medical staff. J was saddened and cried when I told him the T.V. and the black hotwheels truck stayed at the hospital.

His ear is looking much better…I’m cleaning it with saline wipes, packing it with bactrim at nite and letting it breath during the day so it can heal…He is on some intensely bitter antibiotic Clindamyacin…It makes white mucus looking stuff in his mouth when its adminstered.

Yesterday, after we came home from J having his surgery ( he had a cyst removed). I had him sit on the potty. He told me he was done with a big happy smile. Moments later he pooped his pants. He ran around happy as a clam.

I first discovered the wet pants…then the poopy shoes…then the big piece of poop on my tile floor…I shreiked “EWWWW!”…J had a belly laugh as I grumbled and made a disdainful face. He laughed so much tears welled up in his eyes.

Needless to say I had to put him in the bathtub because he was a poopy mess.

Last week, we bought Archer Farms Fruit Snacks. They are tasty and made of natural ingredients. They combine both vegatable and fruit juices . We enjoyed the strawberry mango.

This week, we experimented with Motts Medley Fruit Snacks that are also a mixture of fruit & veggie juices. J has been asking for seconds….we both like them.

Our next favorite treat, are chocolate covered raisins….I think I like them more than J.

J recieves his treats whether he deposits in the potty or not…He doesnt get them everytime he sits on the potty because they are in rotation with cut slices of fresh fruit. His favorite fruit right now is oranges.

This week J & I practiced pulling his pants up & down…

So, he can independently go potty.

When we are at home he is only wearing elastic waist pants…zippers & buttons are too tricky!

He has been able to stay dry with the new obstacle I have put in front of him.

Our next step, is going to be keeping a potty in the minivan and taking a potty seat whereever we go.

I am going to let go of the outting diaper and put him in underwear.

I have put several changes of clothes in the car…to prepare for accidents…but I have confidence that he is READY :).

J has been doing great:).

He chose a Thomas & Friends musical book called Lights, Music & Me! for his special treat.

J was interested and fasinated in Thomas & Friends underwear; he stared in awe….until I showed him the book. The underwear was done for at that point.

Yesterday, I said “diapers are cool!” he replied “no! no!no!”.

Last nite, after nursing he jumped off my lap smiling and running towards his music room where his potty is. I asked are you going potty he nodded his head yes.

In the morning, when he first wakes up the first thing he does is point to the music room and hops to the potty.

Yesterday was day 2 of  Initiative training….J didnt want to sit on the potty.

He didnt have any errors on the floor but he didnt sit on the potty.

I suspect he was withholding because he potties pretty frequently.

I put him in a diaper for our outing; which he soaked through. But he got plenty of exercising and hiking through the desert. He hiked for over 3 hours without getting tired!

day 3 : )

He started the day off with a bang!

He BM’ed in the potty and urinated a couple times. He didnt need much when it came to reminders or cues.

He has continued his nonchalantness towards pottying, however, I make it a big deal and clap, smile , praise and kiss & hug him…But’s thats because I’m soooo PROUD  of him.

Tomorrow, I think I will take him to the store and he can pick out some superhero themed underoos. He will be happy!

I suspect they will be Thomas & Friends Underoos….but he likes to throw me curveballs…so we will see!