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1. Observing Hot & Cold by Touching.

2. Can We Measure How Hot Something Is?

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Honey Bees

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A is for Abacus

Counting by 5’s, 10’s

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Black / African-American’s who changed history

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Memorable Quotes

While twisting my hair J looked at me in wonder. He said “Mommy, your are beautiful!”

He enjoyed touching my hair and he laid his sweet little head on my shoulder and I put my head against his and read our bedtime story Atlantis.

While he was playing at McDonald’s playing with kids. J told a little boy ” I have the best Mommy.” The little boy continued to talk about his Daddy and tried to get J to talk about his father. J listened quietly to him and ignored questions about his father and rebutted with ” I have the bestest Mommy, she loves and takes care of me.”

J tells me almost everyday. “Mommy, you love and take care of me!?” It is both a statement and question. I always answer back yes and that he is my joy and happiness. He smiles and hugs me.

If you talk to him or ask him a question and he doesn’t want to communicate he says ” I am not available.” or ” I don’t want to talk, please leave me alone.” or sometimes he screams ” Noooooooo! don’t talk to me !” or he will completely ignore me.

He made me chuckle when he told me “Raven has anger issues!” J loves Teen Titans Go!

J is my memorable happiness and joy because of him I smile everyday. God has blessed me infinitely.

Sorting by Color

J usually likes to line his trains and cars up.

Lately, he has been sorting by color.

He gathers different objects from different rooms and sorts miscellaneous objects together.

He has done this sorting with books; taking out several books and stacking them together.

He focuses on a color for several days, then moves on to another color.

The first was red. Next, orange. Last, was blue.

The funny thing is today in the morning it had been orange and by the evening it was blue.

J also enjoys dressing monotone. His shirt, pants, underwear, and hat will all be the same color.

This morning he was decked out in red and in the afternoon it was blue,

He says everything has to match.

I enjoy the zany and awesome  outfits he puts together.

He puts most of his clothes on backwards.

J has lost his TOTAL focus on Thomas trains. He enjoys art, especially painting. J will paint pictures or paint a page one solid color. Several months back he only wanted to use crayons when he was being creative. For Christmas, he received art supplies. Paint brushes, finger paints, storage bins , sun catchers, and beads.

I updated his art, music , and study room for his Christmas room. He enjoys it.


On Sunday,  I took J to Bookman’s ,which is a used book store with other specialty items. J turned in 53 book reports. He recieved 50 Bookman Bucks.

As part of his study time J reads a book. When he is finished with the book he has to draw a picture related to the book and write a sentence about the book or a event in the book.  He really enjoys writing the sentence. J doesn’t complain or wince in disagreement to do his book reports. He smiles and enjoys learning and doing his study time. Plus, the rewards are SWEET!

J purchased several items with his Bookman Bucks. He bought 5 DVD’s and 8 books. He also got a Trumpet Kazoo. His DVD’s are Leap Frog Code Word Caper, Springtime Fun, Calling All Engines, Cat in the Hat Wings and Things, and Word World. The amazing books he got were Ten Apples On Top, Cat in The Hat All about Trees and five Thomas and Friend Books.

He says His favorite item he purchased was Leap Frog: Talking Words Factory 2 Code Word Caper. He is addicted to words and reading. He also likes different languages, for example, He is watching Pocoyo en Espanol (Spanish). He knows his numbers, colors, greetings, and much more in Spanish.

Today, we went shopping for J’s  school clothes.

We bought shorts on clearance for $ 2.99 each. 

I LOVE the bold and bright colors. I chose Bold Orange and BR Marine. 

Today, I went to one of my many Mecca’s….H&M. 

On Sunday, I will go back to get back to preschool clothing .

Here are the items , I am lusting for . 


J is blessed to have a September birthday. So, he gets three years of preschool. He gets to play a little bit longer. He turns 5 September 1st. 

Last week, we went shoe shopping it took him 3 hours to pick his shoes. I enjoy letting him make choices. His dilemma was that he would find a pair of shoes he absolutely loved, then glance to his right or left and find another pair he adored. As soon as he saw the latest pair the others shoes were old news. He has recently changed his favorite color from blue to red. He settled on a pair of neon yellow and blue tennis.

Starter Boys' Sneaker          

J has had a immeasurable success with his dog Gordon-Henry Issac. He informed me Issac is his last name which differs from ours.

GHI has eased anxiety. For example, he HATES to be ALONE. Yesterday, he was in his Grandparents home , while we all talked outside . He opened up the back door and asked ” Mom, can you come inside with me?” and I replied ” I am enjoying being outdoors talking to Grandma. You can bring your toys outside.” He said ” No, I don’t want to.” he shut the door and played inside.  Last, we he would have whined , cried and demanded that I play with him exclaiming he was scared and lonely. My Mom noticed a difference in his behavior .

J has NEVER slept in his own crib  or bed. He used to scream just passing his crib. He has had his bed three and a half years and hadn’t slept in it. For the last 3 nights he has been sleeping in bed without complaint.

I ABSOLUTELY love this look on my J.

Skärmavbild 2013-12-05 kl. 22.23.15


Plaid makes me SWOON.

Skärmavbild 2013-12-05 kl. 22.23.29


I  adore cardigans and sweater vest!

Skärmavbild 2013-12-05 kl. 22.23.41