Today, after we went to music hour Sky asked to play at Mickey McDonalds. It’s our summer refuge from the grilling heat; a fun place to climb and meet new friends. Today it was a place of overcoming fears.

The boys became anxious when they approached a net tunnel, they could see below and how far up they were. They wanted to turn back around. I tried to verbally encourage them, but that did not work. So, I had to show them how to climb over it. After they saw me do it …it was easy as pie! They were smooth sailing.

J and I like the propeller and Sky liked climbing and going down the slide.

I’m pretty sure I flashed some people below my panties because I wearing a white skirt….Had no intentions of climbing on a jungle gym; but it was best fun playing and sharing laughs with my boys. Whenever we play at Mickey McDonalds (Sky’s name for McD’s: too cute!) I climb with them and join in the fun…having fun and making memories. 🙂