Today, we went to Bookmans after a very emotional play date. We have seen our friends in six months. I gave J warning that we were going to have a play date with his friend Skyler. He was excited. When they arrived at the pumpkin patch He gave  Skyler a hug and warmed up to Baby Jackson right away. He pushed Jackson in the stroller and pulled wagons brimming with pumpkins around the patch with Skyler. Our plans changed because the movie theater we wanted to go to no longer existed. So, we drove to Sky’s home to play together. J cried A LOT! I had to put him on my lap, remind him to use his words, and hold him close.

On our way home, J decided he wanted to go to Bookmans. He said he wanted to purchase a Cat in The Hat DVD. We danced and sang “Cat In the Hat knows A lot about that”! We saw the cashier who gave J the Trumpet on Thursday. J told him thank you. J has not put down that trumpet since Thursday; he loves it. He sings ABC’s, twinkle twinkle little star, and other favorite songs on it. Next, we quickly walk past the guitars. He wanted to play them. He was easily derailed when I reminded that he was not allowed and he could play his instruments at home.  We raced to the DVD section. J opened up the DVD case and and their wasn’t a DVD. I explained that the DVD’s were up front by the cashier. He insisted that he couldn’t have that one because it didn’t have a DVD. I reminded him that they were up front like they were on Thursday. He couldn’t hear me or trust my words. His level of frustration and disappointment skyrocketed with each case he opened and there wasn’t a DVD. I tried to combat it with ” you are no longer allowed to open the DVD case” that did not work. He cried more.

I picked out  Cat in The Hat Miles and miles of Reptiles and marched over to the book section. I gave him a Thomas book to choose. He was quiet and content for about thirty seconds then the avalanche of tears and falling backwards and laying on the floor. I asked him to change his behavior and attitude so that he could pick out something he liked and we could get some tater tots for dinner. He was quiet briefly and then cried again. I scooped him up and we used his $10 birth certificate.When the cashier handed him the DVD; he immediately stopped crying. His smile covered his whole face and he laughed giddily. J rocked his beloved DVD back and forth smiling and laughing. I pointed out to him the drawers of DVD’s, to give him clarity.

I later asked him why he was crying when I had told him the DVD’s were up front. He said it wasn’t that he didn’t believe me that the DVD’s were up front but he didn’t trust that the DVD’s were up front.

The lesson I learned is that we will ALWAYS go the cashier have him/her show him the DVD’s and then go pick a DVD. I will make a weekly Bookman excursion so he can purchase a new book or DVD and get acclimated with their system.