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I LOVE everything about this preschool.

The foliage is amazing .

It is pretty awesome to have a indoor pond.

Parental involvement is a plus.

I am overjoyed by their book selection.

Nature is abundant….simply astounding .



I was using Time-out and Time- in for discipline, without seeing immediate and gratifying effects.
So, my discipline approach has evolved to losing privileges. It’s AMAZING! Just mentioning the caveat of ” If you continue, you will lose a privilege.” Get’s J’s ATTENTION & He obeys.

For example, this morning he was avoiding getting dressed for school. I warned him if you don’t cooperate you will lose the privilege to watch a Thomas & friends Movie. He walked into the bathroom ready to get dressed. No more antics!

Last week, for the letter R we discussed RESPONSIBILITY. J has been informed his chores or responsibilities are to clean up after himself and to help me carry in groceries. He earns 75 cents a week. He is SAVING his money for a EDWARD train. He constantly talks about saving his money to buy his Edward train. ” I buy Edward!” “I have 1,2,3,4 to buy Edward!”


Today was a emotional day!

J was shaking with fear because our 2 dogs were wandering the neighborhood and refusing to come when called. He was screaming an crying “Haelee, Jack…Come back here!”

His fear is real because Haelee is a fearless dog; who chases and jumps in front of cars. Two weeks ago while she was in the front yard with me she jumped on a moving car in a attack stance. She runs on the sides and in front of the car…She jumps over our 6 foot fence…she is a very small dog. Haelee is a  mix of terrier, boxer, and american dingo.

J usually has a hard time following directions. Especially, when he is in a playful mood.    He likes to run and play. When I ask him to “Stop his feet and body!” J will chuckle and run faster. I have been patient, explained that he needs to stay with me  to be safe, and he has to sit in the REFLECTION CHAIR  to calm him mind & body and to think about following my direction.

This evening, J listened to my directions at the park EVERYTIME  I asked him to stop!. I was so proud of him. He requested a McDonald’s icecream cone.

When I called Grandma and Grandpa to say HI!, J refused to say hello to grandma. She said he is “turning into a real spitfire…It’s not a good thing.” He later told Grandma “bye & I love you .”

He is a tenacious lil’ boy; He occasionally has tantrums that last up to 4 hrs…but then sleeps for 6 hrs.

Child Relationship with Parents:


Child knows that parents respond to their needs.


Parents comfort in distress.


Child feels that he belongs.


Child feels that they are important & brings joy to others.

Desire to Please:

Parents are authorities.


My Parents forgive me.

Child Spiritual Values:

Trust in a responsive God.

Comfort in God, in nature, in others.

Connection to others, to something bigger than self.

Love for self, for others, for God.

Willingness to be responsible to self and others.

Acceptance of oneself & others.


1. build a strong trust relationship

2. stamp out discouraging words

3. write encouragers

4. play the erase game:

Discouraging words are not accepted or tolerated (gesture stop/erase).

5. Give “we” messages:

We say thank you & excuse me.

“We” conveys an expectation, the family norm, belief leads to motivation.

6. Show great expectations.:

Children live up/down their parents expectations.

-Aim high

-Do well at anything you do.

 7. Push rather than pressure:

Encouragement = motivation

8. Model a “I can” attitude

“E” is for effort

Encouraging words

Love them no matter what

O! the Drama

This morning I was adjusting the fitted sheet and switched my sleeping position. This disturbed lil J, and he began requesting “eat”. I told him to go back to sleep, moments earlier he finished nursing. He doesn’t like it when my back is facing him when he is sleeping.

He refused.

He tried force. Trying to roll me over. Digging his hand down my bra and trying to scoop out my breasts while he pleaded and demanded “eat”.  He crawled over me.

He tried manners. “I eat please.” I responded “thank you for using manners, but Momma needs to sleep. I’m right here, it’s ok!”

He then used drama and manipulation. He began crying and whimpering “owwwww, owwwweeeee”. Tears filled his eyes. I asked him what hurts and he points to a six month old scar. He looked so pitiful. I knew I was being conned.

I let him nurse and told him “You are a faker and a con artist!” he replied with a smile and attempted to close my blasphemous mouth with his chubby hand.

Today we went to Goodwill searching for Train tracks– we were told that a big bag of wooden trainset was spotted.

Our search for trains came empty handed, however, I found some school clothes & church clothes for J.

I found a vest, dress shirt, and pants set for $4.99.

I found some  red acid wash jeans…I’m going to pair with a red & black vest with a black T, and some red & black hi-tops/his cars hi-tops. He can wear eaither a black fedora or his black newsboy hat.

I found chocolate brown cords and a brown beige short sleeve shirt to go together.

I found a grey sweater vest, a lime green puppy sweater vest witha white polo, and a lime green “dump truck” puffer vest.

I found a few long sleeve T’s and a plaid longsleeve campshirt.  

I found some green pants. They are a little long, but I like the cuff look.

 My last 2 finds were a vintage tweed wool blazer and a argyle sweater. I plan on mixing the blazer with jeans and cords.

After we went shopping…we enjoyed gazing at construction in action.

We watched a man dig a hole…where once was a tree…we saw the roots of a tree.

 Then we watched a “scooper” dump dirt into and onto a pipe.

It was lots of fun to see a utility vehicle swivel and change from a “digger” to a “roller”.

The boys were content and amazed. J stared with a big smile on his face and Sky glared quietly and intently.

Today J woke up at 6 am, on the way to music lesson he fell asleep.

I woke him up to see if he would up for his 30 minute private music lesson. He was so exhausted he could hardly participate, so, I gave him the option to continue or go home and go to sleep. He chose to go home sleep.

Before we could go home we went to another Ross location to return the Thomas Mega Bloks because it was missing the crane. We couldnt find a duplicate, however, we found something BETTER! We found a 60 piece train set. J picked out a Sesame Street shirt for school. I asked him” who is this?” he replied happily “Elmo”. He hugged the shirt and threw it in the back of the cart.


After shopping, we came home. Family was over helping clean the yard. J was already asleep and I was beyond tired. We both slept for several hours. Then we went to the Grandparents home for company and dinner. I LOVE MY PARENTS, they ROCK:) My Mom made steak n gravy with rice and vegatables and I brought sockeye salmon for her to bake. I brought them I love you gifts not for any reason but to say I love you and was thinking of you! For my dad, he got raw cashews and carrot cake. My Mom 2 mangoes, trail mix,  and for them to share  2lbs of strawberries.

J played with his new train set. He was lucky to have his awesome cousin put it together for him. J kept knocking it over, and D would fix it back. J was very emotional when he was playing with the train set, he cried ALOT!  and threw himself backwards/ or stood up walked to a place and threw himself down. I had to keep reminding him he was a PROBLEM SOLVER and he needed to figure out a way to fix his problem so he could get back to playing .

J was pulling at his ear, and complained of pain…whining “ow ow owee”. When we arrived home I gave him some tylenol. I read him his favorite books.


We continued the fun by rebuilding the train set. J was getting tired so we rocked and nursed him to sleep. Before he fell asleep he enjoyed listening to the train song “Train is coming” and listening to the mating sounds of the toads. The Train is coming song has a strong guitar presence, its a cool song!

While he slept his right leg twitched twice along with his right arm.

Today was a good day!

It rained , we were walkng towards the zoo when it begin to sprinkle and thunder . So, we turned around and went to Chik-fil-a and played on their inside playground. I enjoyed climbing and going down the slide, but most of all chasing J. He enjoyed playing with a lil boy.

He later started opening the door to play area and running out laughing hysterically. I told him if he did it again we would leave, and I followed thru. He was disappointed. But he understood that I needed to be consistent and follow through on my discipline.

We then skipped over to Ross to buy J school clothes for Preschool. He picked out 2 Thomas & Friends shirts, I picked 7 pairs of jeans, and he picked out some boots for school shoes.

Creative Recreation Kids Dio Mid Boys Shoes - Taupe

He also picked out 2 Mega bloks sets race car & Thomas & Friends.

I picked out numbers, ABC, and 4 D puzzles by melissa & Doug.


We finished up our day by grocery shopping. J got scared of the loud toilet flushing. He refused to use the bathroom…he had to be held and refused to be put down even after we left the bathroom. He usually never shows fear. I held him and comforted him. I had to have Robin unload my groceries because he refused to be put down. When I attempted to sit him down on the tray holder and have him hold onto my neck he let go of me and fell. He has been throwing himself on the floor lately…but has taken a day off…I gave him lots of love and apologized for not holding him securely and Robin gave him a red balloon.

This evening he complained of pain in his stomach. He started his bactrim tonite and given some tylenol.


I decided a while ago I was gong to start journaling J’s behavior, sleeping habits, mood, etc…even his daily diet.

Diet: Today J ate string cheese, a bite of cheese pizza, a few spoonfulls of strawberry yogurt, a few bites of red and green apple with skin. He drank several cups of water. He breastfed only a few times during the day.

Activity: We played at the childrens museum, he enjoyed himself. J explored coloring with the neon light, the orange obstacle course, monkey room, and train table.

He enjoyed his visit with Andrea & Christie; the speech and occupational therapist. He practiced using his core muscles while doing activities on the big blue ball, he did a obstacle course thru his tunnel and tent using pillows. At the end he began to wimper and cry (without tears) as if he were in pain. He got a lost look in his eyes and just quietly sat on my lap. He perked up a lil walking the ladies to the door sayng good bye. He was able to play longer without having to laydown so much on his right side.

He played really well at the park; he favored the yellow double slide.

I have noticed a tremendous personalty change in J. He use to sing all the time, play  his musical intruments all the time, have so much zeal and energy, smiles every few seconds, he seems more aloof and withdrawn, He only wants to play with his trains. He loves to play with his Bestie Sky, crys when he leaves and talks about him alot…but use to to talk about him nonstop. His appetite has decreased dramatically. He doesnt eat much solids or breastmilk. He is consuming lots of water. He was also picking at his skin til it bled and continue to pick at it,however,  has stopped. He was doing toewalking everytime he walked but that has also stopped.

J’s vocab is increasing…he is saying sentences…such as :

stop it!

don’t do that.

No spitting.

I don’t like that!

I jump,

I sad.

I mad.

I’m 2.

J kept asking to go potty when Sky had to go potty but he didn’t have to go….just imitating.

He didn’t take a nap today but went to bed early.