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On Sunday,  I took J to Bookman’s ,which is a used book store with other specialty items. J turned in 53 book reports. He recieved 50 Bookman Bucks.

As part of his study time J reads a book. When he is finished with the book he has to draw a picture related to the book and write a sentence about the book or a event in the book.  He really enjoys writing the sentence. J doesn’t complain or wince in disagreement to do his book reports. He smiles and enjoys learning and doing his study time. Plus, the rewards are SWEET!

J purchased several items with his Bookman Bucks. He bought 5 DVD’s and 8 books. He also got a Trumpet Kazoo. His DVD’s are Leap Frog Code Word Caper, Springtime Fun, Calling All Engines, Cat in the Hat Wings and Things, and Word World. The amazing books he got were Ten Apples On Top, Cat in The Hat All about Trees and five Thomas and Friend Books.

He says His favorite item he purchased was Leap Frog: Talking Words Factory 2 Code Word Caper. He is addicted to words and reading. He also likes different languages, for example, He is watching Pocoyo en Espanol (Spanish). He knows his numbers, colors, greetings, and much more in Spanish.


I LOVE everything about this preschool.

The foliage is amazing .

It is pretty awesome to have a indoor pond.

Parental involvement is a plus.

I am overjoyed by their book selection.

Nature is abundant….simply astounding .


Wow! Lego Train Set


These are some ideas for J’s Easter basket.

 or  ( Toby Hard at work lego set)


I’m super EXCITED ! We discovered they joy of Burlington. They have a GREAT toy selection for very reasonable prices. Burlington carries ALOT of Thomas & Friends toys.

First, J found Push Along James. The Push Along trains are quite bulky , which makes them easy to play with. Next, J discovered a Gordon. James was quickly ABANDONED. J LOVES GORDON! He played contently for over a hour.

When it was time to leave, I repeated that I was not buying Gordon . He was okay with it until it was actually time to leave. Thats when he LOST HIS COOL!

I gave him a count down. Told him “Either you or I can put it back on the shelf.” J JUMPED out of his stroller, with this crazed look. He searched right and left FRANTICALLY. Holding Gordon closely against his body. He wanted to run but was paralyzed. He looked at me earnestly and begged but also demenaded

” Don’t take Gordon from me.” He was trembling with tears in his eyes.

I told him I had a solution. “You can use your allowance to buy Gordon, ok?” He replied with a head nod.

Since he was in distress. I scooped him up and rocked him in my lap and gave him some kisses. J turned back to my HAPPY boy.

J has 5 Gordon trains. He LOVES  Gordon!

 Little Tikes Seek & explore Epedititon Climber.

  Step 2 Deluxe Action Train Table


I want to make a DIY adaptive outdoor oasis for J to help build his coordination, strength, and balance. Here are a few of my ideas.

Little Tikes Bumble Bee BuggyLittle Tikes 30th Anniversary Cozy CoupeClimbing Ladder - Pirate Climb Lifetime Dome Climber, Earth Tones  


Since the Boys love Trains I decided we are going to learn the names of trains.

We are going to learn about :

  • Hopper Car – an open top car that carries cargo that is poured into the top of the car, such as; coal, wheat, and sand.
  • Flat Car – a flat floor on wheels that carries large loads that are usually tied on, like; lumber, machinery.  Also carries large containers stacked on top.
  • Box Car – is a four sided rectangular car with a large side door.  It carries boxes of cargo.
  • Tank Car – is a metal tube shaped car.  It carries liquid, such as; milk, oil or gasoline.
  • Caboose – is the last car on a train.  It is a home and an office for the train workers.

We bought a hopper and flat car today so we can use them to play and learn. We will review colors, counting, the abc’s and how to spell TRAIN.

We will read  books with trains in it such as freight train, Thomas & Friends, and The Little Engine That Could.

For Science we will be learning about : Staying Alive

1. Moving

2. Finding Food

3.Staying Safe


Scanverger hunt for animals in sandbox to discuss animals and survival…Does color help animals?

People and Science:

Zoo Keepers

We will watch nature movies at the theater at the International Wildlife Museum.

J has a sandbox in the backyard.

I recently bought him some deluxe garden set which included a hoe, rake, shovel, sand sifter, 2 pails, and lots of digging equipment. He loves it.

I want to buy mega bloks mega wagon. J loves to pull and push things this would be a major source of fun for him.

I also wanted to get him some bulldozers,tractors, cement trucks and dump trucks. That are small and great for a toddler/preschooler. Target sometimes has the ones I’m pining for in their dollar bins.