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Today we went to Goodwill searching for Train tracks– we were told that a big bag of wooden trainset was spotted.

Our search for trains came empty handed, however, I found some school clothes & church clothes for J.

I found a vest, dress shirt, and pants set for $4.99.

I found some  red acid wash jeans…I’m going to pair with a red & black vest with a black T, and some red & black hi-tops/his cars hi-tops. He can wear eaither a black fedora or his black newsboy hat.

I found chocolate brown cords and a brown beige short sleeve shirt to go together.

I found a grey sweater vest, a lime green puppy sweater vest witha white polo, and a lime green “dump truck” puffer vest.

I found a few long sleeve T’s and a plaid longsleeve campshirt.  

I found some green pants. They are a little long, but I like the cuff look.

 My last 2 finds were a vintage tweed wool blazer and a argyle sweater. I plan on mixing the blazer with jeans and cords.

After we went shopping…we enjoyed gazing at construction in action.

We watched a man dig a hole…where once was a tree…we saw the roots of a tree.

 Then we watched a “scooper” dump dirt into and onto a pipe.

It was lots of fun to see a utility vehicle swivel and change from a “digger” to a “roller”.

The boys were content and amazed. J stared with a big smile on his face and Sky glared quietly and intently.


School shopping

Today, we went school shopping for Mr. J. I found some good deals. I am only buying winter items because he has plenty of short and T’s.

I found a Hoodie set: Black, White, & Grey Checkered Plaid Hoodie coat (mid-weight), long-sleeve T, and black cargo  jeans.

I also purchased two waffle thermal long sleeve T’s.

Warm brown, bright blue, and red plaid longsleeve campshirts caught my eye…especially one with elbow patches. My heart swooned.


I also found a Tapout newsboy hat.  It was on clearance for $3.oo.

This outfit knocked my socks off; I’m a big fan of turquiose. I love the subtle touches of blue and the embellished back pockets.

More Back to School looks


Today was a good day!

It rained , we were walkng towards the zoo when it begin to sprinkle and thunder . So, we turned around and went to Chik-fil-a and played on their inside playground. I enjoyed climbing and going down the slide, but most of all chasing J. He enjoyed playing with a lil boy.

He later started opening the door to play area and running out laughing hysterically. I told him if he did it again we would leave, and I followed thru. He was disappointed. But he understood that I needed to be consistent and follow through on my discipline.

We then skipped over to Ross to buy J school clothes for Preschool. He picked out 2 Thomas & Friends shirts, I picked 7 pairs of jeans, and he picked out some boots for school shoes.

Creative Recreation Kids Dio Mid Boys Shoes - Taupe

He also picked out 2 Mega bloks sets race car & Thomas & Friends.

I picked out numbers, ABC, and 4 D puzzles by melissa & Doug.


We finished up our day by grocery shopping. J got scared of the loud toilet flushing. He refused to use the bathroom…he had to be held and refused to be put down even after we left the bathroom. He usually never shows fear. I held him and comforted him. I had to have Robin unload my groceries because he refused to be put down. When I attempted to sit him down on the tray holder and have him hold onto my neck he let go of me and fell. He has been throwing himself on the floor lately…but has taken a day off…I gave him lots of love and apologized for not holding him securely and Robin gave him a red balloon.

This evening he complained of pain in his stomach. He started his bactrim tonite and given some tylenol.