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Where Does Heat Come from?

Book: Scotts Foresman Science

Life In The Forest. and The Mangrove Forest

Book: Reading Street

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Math: Abacus

Counting by 10’s

Book: G is for Googol.

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Art and Black History:

Book: Story Painter : The story of Jacob Lawerence

African American Art and Artists

A history of African American Artists: from 1972 to Presents

Modern Negro Art



On Saturday, J woke up with a cough and wheezing. His breathing seemed labored and he had a fever. I slathered olive oil on his chest and put several drops of Breathe by doTerra and also directly under his nose. By the evening time, his wheeze, cough, and fever were GONE!

Saturday late afternoon we went on a play date/ birthday party. J played with his friends on the trampoline and dome climber. He painted pumpkins with his friends. He snacked on black olives. Earlier in the morning, he exclaimed ” My body parts need hot dogs!” He ate several hot dogs at the party. Hot dogs are a rarity for him, he only get’s to eat them at his best friends house. He was full of smiles and happiness. He and his friends played with their I pads together.

Today, J had piano lessons. Which are really “Testing Mommies Patience” classes, because J prefers do NOT follow the instructions of Susan (Teacher). He is suppose practice using fingers 2 & 3 on the black keys and he is touching every key, sliding down his chair, almost knocking over the keyboard and generally not listening. Susan had a wise idea…J can memorize which numbers are associated with which finger and play any key with those fingers (2 or 3) and then after that when he loses interest give him worksheets to do. He LOVES the worksheets. Her solution is marvelous.

We had a fun time with our friends. J’s friend R turned 5 today. J helped Erin whip the batter, put strawberries on the angel cake and danced with her. He was incredibly charismatic today…bubbly, loquacious,and gregarious. He was even a little flamboyant.

After our play date we went to Bookman’s. J turned in his book reports. He used his $10 Bookman Bucks to buy 2 books and 2 DVD’s. He bought The Cat in the Hat Comes Back and Curious George books and James and the Red Balloon and Hooray for Thomas DVD’s. J has both of those Thomas books.

When leaving Fry’s grocery store, we encountered a lame grasshopper. This was perfect because for science this week we read about “Desert Life” and we had learned about locust. J was kind and calm with the grasshopper. He observed the grasshopper with touching it.

To end our EXCITING  Sunday, we spent time with my Bestie  Sha’Ne. She made a tasty and addictive hamburger soup for me. I really enjoyed the crisp onions and soft potatoes. The soup base was well seasoned, didnt have too much of anything…it was just right! J colored and made up words while trying to dodge the friendly dog who  wanted all of his attention.

We enjoyed our weekend and fun together, J listened intently to his new book at bedtime story time.

I LOVE to read books to my lil’ Prince J.

Here are some books I have wanted for a long time.

Sweet, Sweet Memory Jacqueline Woodson 

Creature Andrew Zuckerman   The secret Olivia told me.

My Abuelita Tony Johnston   The Negro Speaks of Rivers 

 Black All Around  Father & Son 


New Books!

I LOVE buying used books from our local library.

They have a great selection that is updated regularly.

Today, I found some great GEMS!

Born in Gravy by Denys Cazet

Julio’s Magic by Author Dorros

Cherish Today  by Kristina Evans

Some Smug Slug by Pamela Edwards

In the Tall, Tall Grass by Denise Fleming

Shadow  by Marcia Brown

The Three Princes by Eric Kimmel


Today we went to the Wetlands Park. We had a lot of fun with friends. I picked stories that had a riparian theme.

I enjoyed the bilingual book “Gathering the Sun” which has short poems in Alphabetical order. The pictures are vivid and fun.

J enjoyed tracing and scribbling in his Thomas & Friends “ABC”. A really fun book is “Where’s my T-r-u-c-k?”; It is our book CRUSH.

We went to the Planetarium today. I thought why not mix fun and education with a book about Space.

Towards the end of the book J said ” Mom, leave me alone about Space.” 🙂

He enjoyed the book about Hedgehog and seeing African animals. He asked questions about gorillas.