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On Friday, I kept asking J “do you need to go potty?” he replied firmly “no!”.

So, after playing outside it was time to sit on the potty.

I discovered WHY he didnt need to go potty….he had already POOED his underpants!


A voice in my head kept repeating “Not cool! not cool!”

The Poo had become bonded with his underwear….GROSS!!!!!

Today, was a whole NEW LEVEL of OMG!!.

He was in the bath playing with his measuring cups…having a BLAST!

J calls me ” Mommmmm potty”.

I was busy…so i finished up….it took me 45 seconds….

As I walk into the bathroom, he begins to poooooop.

He glances up for a brief second says “ewww poop” then goes back to playing.

Needless to say Bathtime was over….I bleached tthe tub out….What a way  to start my day 🙂

On a positive note, when he woke up this morning his 1st request was “potty Moma”!


Last nite, all I wanted was a nice hot steaming bath with soothing vapors.

I planned on sipping hot cocoa with mini marshmallows in it.

But, J had different plans. He went to bed at his usual bedtime 7:15 ish.

We had a long fun & playful day.

He began his morning with playtime at the library.

Then we came home played in the backyard and had lunch and a snack.

Next, we went to the train museum. He explored the famous 1673 Southern Pacific train.

We searched for rectangles and circles. We hunted for the color yellow. Together we counted to 30.

After the train museum we had snack and played in the backyard. At 4:30 we had Rectangle Rug time and we went over concepts: colors, numbers, shapes, and letters.

We read a couple of books…

I fed him dinner, had praise & worship, brushed teeth and nursed him to “sleepyville”.

J did not want the cuddling to end….He would “release” me to finish my “me time” activities.

I put everything on hold to comfort him. I left lights on, turned my bath water off, and left dishes in the sink.

At 2:25am I got up to turn off the lights and he clung to me grumbling and beginning to whimper. I told him I was getting up to turn off the lights and I will be right back. He went back to sleep peacefully. When I laid down He threw himself across my chest.

I was able to fulfill my desires this morning, I had vaporizing vapo-bubble bath. I lathered up with my pomergranate mango bodywash, while smiling at my marsupial toddler boy….He clings on  to me and goes whereever I go. I love him and his clingyness! 🙂

Booster Carseats I like :)

J has reached that point where he needs to transition to a booster carseat. Actually, it’s been a long time coming. His shoulders are higher than the harness slot. He weighs 35 lbs. But he is rock solid and very sturdy. The carseat is up to 40 lbs.

Yesterday, J came in my room as I was folding the Mt. Kilamajaro of laundry, I smelled poo!

Then I found out as I proceded to change and clean him up….poo sprinkled down his leg, smeared all over his sock, stuck to his pants leg…..We  were up to our eyeballs in poo! His diaper was loaded with poo.

I got him cleaned up…when I happened to glance down on the floor of the playroom which stores the laundry closet. I saw a GIANT piece of poo on the beige carpet. The later I noticed the trail of poo from the playroom through the kitchen and hallway.

Moments later to my shock & horror I found a HUGE clump of poo on the playrug.

It makes me question: How can such a little guy have soooooo much poo?

I have relaxed on him going potty because he has been feeling well…we have been more focused on hugs, kisses, & cuddles. Potty is on hold…..I know I need to be consistent but getting him well is really my priorty.

J had a really scary time last week….he had cranial swelling, his entire ear was swollen, and the surgical wound was oozing dark yellowish brown puss….He had to get an IV which he later ripped out. Was admitted to the hospital; which he loved because of the constant adoration from the dr’s and nurses and other medical staff. J was saddened and cried when I told him the T.V. and the black hotwheels truck stayed at the hospital.

His ear is looking much better…I’m cleaning it with saline wipes, packing it with bactrim at nite and letting it breath during the day so it can heal…He is on some intensely bitter antibiotic Clindamyacin…It makes white mucus looking stuff in his mouth when its adminstered.

Yesterday, after we came home from J having his surgery ( he had a cyst removed). I had him sit on the potty. He told me he was done with a big happy smile. Moments later he pooped his pants. He ran around happy as a clam.

I first discovered the wet pants…then the poopy shoes…then the big piece of poop on my tile floor…I shreiked “EWWWW!”…J had a belly laugh as I grumbled and made a disdainful face. He laughed so much tears welled up in his eyes.

Needless to say I had to put him in the bathtub because he was a poopy mess.

Stacking Rhythm Band

I have a few more ideas bounce around in my head.

I want a colorful themed area rug; it can be musically themed or just have some bright colors.

I want to frame his art work .

I also want to take some pictures of him playing his music intruments and frame them.

I might combine his artwork with a picture of him singing or playing a instrument.

Its not musically themed but I like the pattern and bright colors!

Rocking the Potty: Potty Animal

On Friday, we had lots of accidents.

J didnt want to sit on the potty long.

He’d get up prematurely; then pee on the floor moments later.

One incident I saw it coming, he looked at me with the “I have to pee” look. Seconds later its spraying out. Then he looked like a deer in headlights. I cleaned it up , changed his undies, and he continued to play. After having several accidents in a row. I put him in a diaper and told him we were going a potty break and he didnt sit on the potty for several hours. He played  without disruption and did much better after nap.

On Saturday, I brought the potty with us for the first time to church.

I left the potty in the van while we were in Sabbath School, but afterwards I went to the van to get snacks (which is in a big backpack on wheels). I had my hands full. I had my backpack, J’s backpack, and his froggy potty. I’m rushing to put stuff down in the Nursery. (oh! my Mom has J in the sanctuary) So, I rush into the sanctuary to get J (so I dont miss the Pee window). I forgot to put the potty down….put everything else in the nursery. But carried the potty in the sanctuary. (lol) My Aunt C remarked ” I need a little more couth!” “Everybody doesnt need to know he’s going potty!”

On Sabbath, we had a good potty day! We missed the windows for urine while at church but did fine when we arrived at home.

Yesterday (Monday), J BM’ed on the potty, and deposited lots of urine in the potty.

We are still only wearing diapers at naptime, some social events,bedtime and when we want uninterrupted playtime.

He enjoyed his hillclimbing today. Without constant questioning ” J do you need to go potty?”.

Scenario: I am in the Grands Study/Computer room. Uploading pics & watching Housewives of Atlanta. J begans to mess with the door on the printer.

Momma: Leave that alone that is Granpa’s.

(J smiles at me…continues to mess with it.)

Momma: If you can’t respect Granpas printer by leaving it alone.You will be removed from the room.

(J stops for a few seconds, smiles at me, and pushes it again.)

Momma: Ok, you have to leave now!

(J points to the word Canon)

J: (pointing to the letter “c”) C. then points to the letter “a” A

Momma: You can’t manipulate with your charm & intelligence!

(then J gives me a hug and kiss) (I’m a sucker for those!)

Today was cleaning day!

I cleaned doors with sticky little remains of toddler snack and art.

Scrubbed toilets, busted some suds, and swept up.

Next, I have to tackle the pajama bin of J’s.

I am going to weed out all his pajamas that are too small to give to needy families. It’s funny to see him in last years PJ’s because they are “highwater pants” or shorts because the all end at his knees. Last winter, he wore a size 12 months and this winter 3t-4t. GROWTH SPURT : ).

I also have some shoes to give away; J is getting to that stage that his shoes wont be able to given to others because he is a little outdoor enthusiast. No hill is too tumultous, steep, or narrow for him. J sizes it up ducks and dives branches and CLIMBS! He feels so proud and full of vigor when he has reached the top. Its the only time he voluntarily lets me take his picture.

Lately, I have been experimenting with J only wearing the diaper during naptime and bedtime.

He has had lots of successes for example this Morning and Afternoon he had 2 bm & 5 urines in the potty and three misses ( 1 was my fault because I took too long preparing snack, instead of putting him on the potty first).