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A example of a art display.

Today J & I used thedual-sided dry erase board and dry erase crayons for the first time. This activity held his attention for more than 20 minutes. He really enjoyed using the britely colored crayons. He really liked using white on the black dry erase board. He next chose purple, turquise, and then went back to the color white.

We created his hanging art gallery tonite. I picked a electric blue rope to match his comforter; I tied it from one side of his room to the other. It’s at a slant; but he LOVES it. We hung up our picture that we painted and colored yesterday.

J is very proud of his art gallery display! He smiled and danced!

Bedroom ideas

went thirfting : i found some creative bookends for Jettsiah’s bookshelf. I found a colorful stacking puzzle, a green  alligator xylophone, a wooden train w/ caboose. Jettsiah LOVES stacking peg toys ; I found some wooden stacking blocks that are part of a train set.

he also liked the rocking wooden horse so I’m considering getting it and painting it a bright color maybe a blue, yellow, or orange. make it stand out in the room.