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I love reading books to J.

Story time is a time we cuddle, share laughter, and chat.

We read the same books, over and over again!

These are a few books I would like to get for J.                                                          

A Barnyard Collection: Click, Clack, Moo and More.                      

Dog Loves Books.       Food Chain. The Boss Baby.       Goodnight, Little Monster. 


We had fun making a Home depot run.

J picked out Yellow Pear Tomato plant , pansies and petunias.


I admired the grapefruit mint , which smells exquisite.

I am planning on putting these plants with unsowed seed.

Our garden will have exotic and beautiful colors : yellow, pink, magenta, and violet.

Today, was so much fun!


We met our friends at our neighborhood park.

Everybody played well together. The Boys were so HAPPY to see each other.

They fed the ducks.

J and I had fun going down the big slide. He was hesitant at first, but after I went down it was nothing but fun for us both.

We also had a lot of FUN walking on the rocks across the stream. So much fun we are going to do it again…TOMORROW!

Ky told his Mom that “Jett was not being nice.” J jumped off the slide and confronted Ky and Refuted his statement by saying ” I am being nice.” His feelings were hurt and he stood up for himself.

J enjoyed being the navigator around the park…When I asked him “Stop your body and feet”, I crushed his feelings and made him sob. We had to go the Rose Garden  where I cuddled and nursed him.  He picked a beautiful pink rose. Pink is his favorite color again.


A example of a art display.

Today J & I used thedual-sided dry erase board and dry erase crayons for the first time. This activity held his attention for more than 20 minutes. He really enjoyed using the britely colored crayons. He really liked using white on the black dry erase board. He next chose purple, turquise, and then went back to the color white.

We created his hanging art gallery tonite. I picked a electric blue rope to match his comforter; I tied it from one side of his room to the other. It’s at a slant; but he LOVES it. We hung up our picture that we painted and colored yesterday.

J is very proud of his art gallery display! He smiled and danced!


We had a lot of fun!

Jett loved the music and atmosphere so much he didnt eat. He looked around and smiled. He really like the sign that had a guitar and below it it read “Mariachi”. Jett smiled and pretended to strum a guitar while blissfully staring at the sign. He also liked the parrots, coconut ‘head’, and chili lights.

Jett also relished the background music. He sang along very LOUDLY!

The food was GREAT! My Mom and I both had a ‘deluxe burro’ enchilada style. The burro was delicious it had HUGE chunks of avocado with a great seasoning. I also had rice and beans; that were superb. Granpa James had soft beef tacos with Mexican cheese-they were SCRUMPTIOUS!

I went hog wild on chips and salsa…..they were so GOOD to me!