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Today, we experienced our first day of cooler weather.

A smooth cool breeze with overcast.

The High today was 72 C and 62 C for tonight’s weather.

This is the outfit J chose.





Little Wave MakerBright Prepster  Sea Plane ToursAhoy There! Tiny TugboatSpring Styles! BrotherMatching.jpg



Baby Boy

Baby Boy

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Winter Styles!



Here are a few apparel picks I like.

Vogue Enfants, Haute Couture, Paris, Black and White, Kid Fashion 9Romain Sellier Romain Sellier 10


zara kids catalogue 5

zara kids catalogue 9

cute, fashion, hipster, kids, style www.favim.com


baby boy, baby got swag, beanie, boy, cardigan

j crew3 J. Crew Kids – what hipster kids in the US are wearing





Tyler... MiniHipster.com: kids street fashion (mini hipster .com)

Afro love! :)

babygap: http://www.gap.com/browse/subDivision.do?cid=6345

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Investing in Myself

my colorful scarf

my fedora

I have made a decision to invest in myself.

Since, having J I have had a laissez-faire attitude about my appearance. I had a habit of just wearing anything whether it be flattering, my only criteria or clothing was “Is it clean?”.

I’m motivated to put forth a effort in my appearance; no laziness and haphazard attitude allowed.

I enjoy wearing bright colors, fedoras, colorful scarves, and dresses.

I had become so lazy and nonchalant that I didnt care if I had lotioned or picked out my hair. So, I make sure I wake up in enough time to lotion, do my hair, and just attend to my needs…instead of rushing and neglecting.

I have told myself that once a week I will treat myself to a scraf/fedora/or cheap fashion jewelry.

My Mom has scolded me because I make a extra effort to make J looks top notch,that he has toys, books, and has fun activities but never do anything for myself. She said I was setting a bad example for J, indirectly telling him everything revolves around him.

A passion for fashion

I woke up this A.M. thinking about creative and unique pants for boys.
I deeply love plaid. My joy is to mix plaids and stripes together.
I’m brainstrorming about making t-shirts. Jettsiah has some unused plain white T’s that I’m thinking I can jazz up with either fabric markers or fabric paint.
The themes for his shirts will suit his passion which is music and some random drawings from my own creativity.
Colors are floating around my head. I love bright and deep colors.
I will need to utilize the knowledge and talents of professionals when it comes to sewing my creations–I can’t sew a lick. I will explore the fashion program at West Campus Pima Community College.