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We enjoyed a carefree Monday by planting flowers.

Vinca’s, Pansies, and Snap Dragon’s now litter our yard.


I am so motivated; that as soon as I can today I am going to work on improving the frontyard. Here are some fabulous ideas. I will modify the ideas to fit my yard.


I Like the abundance of flowers surrounding the bird bath.


I like the grass with the small bushes against the gate.


I will be replacing the wooden crates with wooden pallets. I would like to create a pattern/ puzzle/ maze ensemble.




Yesterday, I went to Target. I dreamed of a nice mature patio, with a fabulous wicker set. Then catapulted myself to REALITY , of inexpensive plastic chairs.



I want a bright, bold , neon colors. I want a accent wall that stands out from my dull colored home. In my fantasy, there are plants in BOLD ceramic containers. Flowers will come in a array of colors…hanging in planters.


I am going to create my fantasy on a strict budget…I WILL make this happen slowly but surely!


Jettsiah’s Garden

Jett watering the Kale & Chile plants.

Today Jettsiah and I planted carendula flowers, kale, carrots, peas, spinach, broccoli and potatoes.
Jettiah enjoyed digging in the dirt, watering the soil to make it soft to plant the seeds, and throwing the soil ith new seeds out of the garden onto the ground!
Jettsiah enjoyed watering the chile plant with the metal tin can.
While watering the plants; I identified all of the plants living in and around our garden hutch. We saw 3 species of spiders, pesky flies, and a dark brown cricket.
We installed a irrigation system in our garden. It will have a nifty timer.
This garden will be both fun and educational for Jettsiah and I. I have introduced the words habitat, ecosystem, and the names of the vegatables and flowers we planted.