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Today we went to the Wetlands Park. We had a lot of fun with friends. I picked stories that had a riparian theme.


I am SO excited about this week’s letter Ss because it will be a lot of SCIENCE. Especially, Botany! We will be buying compost, planting beans, watering, reading and just having FUN!

We will have a lot of park time. Enjoying the SUNLIGHT, SWINGING, SLIDING, AND SKIPPING.If the weather permits SWIMMING in a heated pool.

Monday: Go to the park and play.

Slide, Sand, Swing, Soccer.

Tuesday: Snow Paint!



Eat Spaghetti.

Eat a Snow Cone/ Icee.

J LOVES the idea of snow. He played with the neighbor’s barbecue ashes, making snow angels. He was covered in ashes. he DOES NOT like being dirty. He exclaimed ” I’m not dirty, it’s snow!

Wednesday: Swim

Thursday: Seed, Soil, Plant.

Sun catcher.

Paint and glitter a Sun catcher.

Friday: Serpent.

Go to the zoo.

Books to read this week:

Today, was so much fun!


We met our friends at our neighborhood park.

Everybody played well together. The Boys were so HAPPY to see each other.

They fed the ducks.

J and I had fun going down the big slide. He was hesitant at first, but after I went down it was nothing but fun for us both.

We also had a lot of FUN walking on the rocks across the stream. So much fun we are going to do it again…TOMORROW!

Ky told his Mom that “Jett was not being nice.” J jumped off the slide and confronted Ky and Refuted his statement by saying ” I am being nice.” His feelings were hurt and he stood up for himself.

J enjoyed being the navigator around the park…When I asked him “Stop your body and feet”, I crushed his feelings and made him sob. We had to go the Rose Garden  where I cuddled and nursed him.  He picked a beautiful pink rose. Pink is his favorite color again.

Rose Art Washable Water Colors Paint 16-ct..Opens in a new windowCrayola Classic Markers 10-pk.. Additional View 1.Opens in a new window.Crayola Classic Markers 10-pk..Opens in a new window

Our plans changed today…Friday at 10am we join music hour at the bookstore. But, today at  9am J began projectile vomitting. The 1st incident occured on my bed.

So, I said its a outside day….I rather hose vomit off my porch then wipe it off my floors or scrub it out of my carpet.

He continued to vomit mercilessly. It came flowing out of his nose then his mouth…then both at the same time.

He had a lot of mucus in the vomit because he is congested.

His diet consisted of breastmilk and heavily diluted juice 80/20. Which made the throw up tolerable for me….but the quantity was alot!

I called his dr. to get it triaged over the phone; called to make sure i was doing everything right (keep offering fluids & take it easy) He has a slight fever.

Since he thrown up over 10 times in a short period of time his nurse thought it was crucial he come in for a appointment…I told her its nothing serious…just a virus. But she insisted…so we went and the Dr. told me just what I said :”its a virus”. He even threw up in the Dr’s office.

Since we didnt use our early morning to jam out to chords; we took a nature walk and continued our lesson on birds.  Yesterday we discussed birds songs and nest. We gazed at nest in a cactus in our front yard. We listened to their songs and looked for birds building nest.

Today we “made” a nest. I am not a weaver so we recycled the watermelon container that is round and picked up things that would be in a nest.

We picked up sticks, dried leaves, cotton balls, styrafoam.

The boys were not amused by our science project, I had to keep trying to hold their attention….So we took breaks in between and played in the mud.

They enjoyed making orange pineapple jello and we discussed the color. They also enjoyed watering the plants and playing with our dog Jack.

Cool Musical Toys

Concert Master ViolinConcert Master Violin $14.97 @ Walmart

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I am brainstorming on how to improve J’s playroom.

I want to add some color. I like bright/citrus colors such as yellow, orange, & lime.

But I also like deep warm colors such as purple, turquise,& brown.

Some other colors I like are electric blue, a bright deep green, maybe primary colors….

I have a few ideas :

1. framed fabric

2. getting rid of the big bulky couches and getting a futon matteress with large colorful throw pillows.

3. several colorful rugs

4. converting the table into a play tent (using a king size sheet)

5. using the largest wall as a art display

  1. The Princess and the Pea/ rachel Isadora
  2. No two alike
  3. Llama llama Mad at Mama  
  4. Jay & Ben
  5. Welcome Baby
  6. Baby Einstein Puzzle book
  7. PatternsProduct Details
  8. Product Details
  9. Product Details

Today was cleaning day!

I cleaned doors with sticky little remains of toddler snack and art.

Scrubbed toilets, busted some suds, and swept up.

Next, I have to tackle the pajama bin of J’s.

I am going to weed out all his pajamas that are too small to give to needy families. It’s funny to see him in last years PJ’s because they are “highwater pants” or shorts because the all end at his knees. Last winter, he wore a size 12 months and this winter 3t-4t. GROWTH SPURT : ).

I also have some shoes to give away; J is getting to that stage that his shoes wont be able to given to others because he is a little outdoor enthusiast. No hill is too tumultous, steep, or narrow for him. J sizes it up ducks and dives branches and CLIMBS! He feels so proud and full of vigor when he has reached the top. Its the only time he voluntarily lets me take his picture.

Tonite I put together J’s Jump’ N Slam Basketball hoop.
It took me an hour….it probably wouldnt have taken me as long if i had taken the time to read directions. I had to unscrew some after realizing I needed to screw pieces together. It was a fun adventure but because I was practicing independence. Not acting like a helpless woman and automatically giving it to a male family member to set up. My thumb aches and is tender to the touch because of my independence. It was a little daunting having a 2 year old anxiously waiting and fighting sleep ; in the same space. J’s room felt very cramped as I put it together. He wanted to sit on the stem of the b-ball set, attempt to throw balls, when the hoop wasnt on yet, give me hugs andd breastfeed.
He nursed while I screwed in the screws and one point I had to use my less dominant hand to screw in the screws with a screwdriver.
Afterwards he enjoyed playing basketball; we put on his new basketball pajamas.