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I am going to make a commitment for Jett & I to have a  daily run & walk session around our neighborhood.

We will start small maybe a 10 minute walk & run session at first.

I need the exercise to build muscle. First time in my life I am seeing cellulite on my body….not a good look!

My body has shifted and changed since I have had J. Before, I had J I little body fat. I walked 9 1/2 miles a day, swam for 3 hours, and was very *active*. I have a faint sillohette of my abs 3 years later. But mostly flab where muscle and tone use to be.

Mr. J was recently diagnosed with hypotonicity…so exercise is great for him to strenghten his muscles. We go to the park so he can run & climb (sometimes twice a day). I have seen improvement; he can pull himself up and climb over a jungle gym toy that was previosly a challenge. This summer J enjoyed a enrichment class that focused on motor  development.

According to Baby Center, simply getting children involved in exercise is one of the most common treatments recommended by doctors. Any activity, sport or exercise that your individual child enjoys should be indulged. Swimming and gymnastics especially provide many strength-building benefits.  

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/500231-brain-gym-exercises-for-toddlers-with-hypotonia/#ixzz225FA1Szh

Hypotonia is a neuromuscular disability that results in abnormally low muscle tone. This ailment is often caused by a genetic disorder, such as Down syndrome, Canavan disease and achondroplasia. While hyptotonia is easy to diagnose, it is often difficult to find its cause. Hypotonia often affects a child during infancy and can be minimized with a regimen of regular physical therapy and exercise. Consult your child’s pediatrician before doing new exercises with your child.

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/480831-exercises-for-hypotonia/#ixzz2258h9beu

While your child may be too young to perform exercises on his own, stimulating muscle tissue by massaging him can help strengthen and develop his muscle. Massage your child’s arms, legs, back and neck gently, as well as any other party of his body affected by the ailment. According to the CDADC website, consistent and firm muscle stimulation can help your child develop deep skeletal musculature over time.

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/480831-exercises-for-hypotonia/#ixzz2258p8SRB

Give an older child with hypotonia something weighted, such as a backpack or bag filled with books or toys, is a good way to help her to develop muscle. Because the bag is filled with things your child likes and feels positive about, it will be easier for you to get your child to wear it for extended periods. The weight of the bag for an hour or two a day — as well as the act of moving the bag around to get things out of it — can help strengthen your child’s shoulder, back and other muscles.

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/480831-exercises-for-hypotonia/#ixzz2258uZ12b

According to the Greater Atlanta Speech & Language Clinic, speech therapy and occupational therapies that focus on cognitive skills are used to treat hypotonia. These activities can include occupational exercises like hand-eye and cognitive skills. Hand-eye coordination games and even puzzles are used to improve learning performance and concentration. Speech therapies are designed to improve communication and hearing; they focus on understanding sounds, syllables and patterns, according to Greater Atlanta Speech.

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/500231-brain-gym-exercises-for-toddlers-with-hypotonia/#ixzz225Er5dkP


Last week, J had difficulty sleeping well through the night.

He was constantly nursing to help with the pain. Everytime, I tried to let him sleep on his side of the bed he would cry or seconds later ask to nurse.

His ear began swelling despite being on Bactrim; He was constantly tugging at his ear.

On Friday, I switched him to clindamycin 75mg. He slept all friday night and deep into Saturday morning. He didn’t wake up until 10am.

After waking up really late Saturday Morning, he went back to sleep 2 hours later and didn’t wake again until 6pm. We both slept very well.

This evening he complained his stomach hurt, this is not the first time. I will have to take him to the doctor and see if its gas or something to be concerned about.

J had a pretty good appetite today..He some lentils and had lots of watermelon. He scared me because he tried to eat several pieces of watermelon at once and nearly choked. He came into my bedroom with a very scared expression. I did stomach compressions to force the food out. It got the first couple of pieces out. But his face was still scared and he was struggling. So, I did more stomach compression and hitting him on the back and carried him to the sink. He was covering his mouth as if he didnt want to vomit on the bed. He was able to release the watermelon chunks into the sink.

J surprised me by not drinking any juice…he drank some water but not much.

He enjoyed watching Thomas & Bob the Builder while playing with his trains. We played together; putting animals on the train bridge. We switched the train area around to make it more comfy for J. While he kept grunting to to himself making odd sounds. I enjoyed watching him play and see how his imagination works and took plenty of pictures.  

I decided a while ago I was gong to start journaling J’s behavior, sleeping habits, mood, etc…even his daily diet.

Diet: Today J ate string cheese, a bite of cheese pizza, a few spoonfulls of strawberry yogurt, a few bites of red and green apple with skin. He drank several cups of water. He breastfed only a few times during the day.

Activity: We played at the childrens museum, he enjoyed himself. J explored coloring with the neon light, the orange obstacle course, monkey room, and train table.

He enjoyed his visit with Andrea & Christie; the speech and occupational therapist. He practiced using his core muscles while doing activities on the big blue ball, he did a obstacle course thru his tunnel and tent using pillows. At the end he began to wimper and cry (without tears) as if he were in pain. He got a lost look in his eyes and just quietly sat on my lap. He perked up a lil walking the ladies to the door sayng good bye. He was able to play longer without having to laydown so much on his right side.

He played really well at the park; he favored the yellow double slide.

I have noticed a tremendous personalty change in J. He use to sing all the time, play  his musical intruments all the time, have so much zeal and energy, smiles every few seconds, he seems more aloof and withdrawn, He only wants to play with his trains. He loves to play with his Bestie Sky, crys when he leaves and talks about him alot…but use to to talk about him nonstop. His appetite has decreased dramatically. He doesnt eat much solids or breastmilk. He is consuming lots of water. He was also picking at his skin til it bled and continue to pick at it,however,  has stopped. He was doing toewalking everytime he walked but that has also stopped.

J’s vocab is increasing…he is saying sentences…such as :

stop it!

don’t do that.

No spitting.

I don’t like that!

I jump,

I sad.

I mad.

I’m 2.

J kept asking to go potty when Sky had to go potty but he didn’t have to go….just imitating.

He didn’t take a nap today but went to bed early.

My zany idea to add zucchini to black bean soup! Turns out to a tasty addition!

This Morning I soaked the black beans for 2 hours. While they soaked I also cut up and added : bell pepper strips, onion, zucchini, roasted tomato and green chile.

I turned the beans on high for a hour, then medium for about 2-3 hours, and for the rest of evening I let them simmer on warm(6-9hrs). During the simmering I added refried beans, red pepper with tomato organic soup and chili (mild for the lil guy) seasoning.

1 bag of black beans

1/4 cup of olive oil

1 zucchini

1/2 onion

20 oz (appx) of tomato

8 oz of green chile

1 bag of white corn

3 bell peppers ( 1 green, 1 yellow, 1 red)

16 oz of organic red pepper w/ tomato soup (broth)

1 can of refried beans ( to thicken the broth)

Jett’s garden

When we watered yesterday we saw the fruits of our labor! Carrot shoots, our broccoli had grown 3 inches, and our kale grew triple its normal size.

Jett enjoyed watering his plants. We talked about insects we saw ; which now that our plants have gotten bigger we actually saw less insects. We saw a few red ants.

Jett working in his garden!

Ionator EXP

green & awesome& creative invention

While at the ASDM I witnessed the most incredible tool!

It’s called the Ionator EXP.

Designed for the professional cleaner, one ionator EXP replaces the shelves of general-purpose cleaners, killing 99.9%* of germs and eliminating dirt. The ionator EXP has been durability tested, comes with a larger reservoir for more cleaning between refills, and a 2-year warranty. (*when used as directed)

The ionator EXP is a great general-purpose cleaner. It can be used to clean soils, stains, dirt, dust, oils and more. The Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI) at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, tested Activeion technology against some of the leading chemical cleaners. The results – Activeion cleans as well as, or in some cases, better than, the general-purpose and specialized chemical cleaners selected for testing.

Activeion products do not carry a chemical-related health warning label. Independent laboratories have conducted extensive testing on the technology to confirm that a chemical-related health warning label is not needed. This testing is conducted to international and US standards.