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Last night, I heard a work in progress explosion or as I call it ” bubble guts”.

So, I anticipated liquid poo for the forecast today…

and liquid poo is what J delivered with a extra side of vomit!!!

I have had to change the bed sheets, wash him up in the tub, and wash his clothes & linens.

He still has a slight fever. the fever reducer isn’t taking it down.

He still has a appetite….he is nursing and just wants to be held. He’s moving alot. flapping his arms like is flying and moving his legs all around!

While he sits on my lap we are reading his favorite books and giving him lots of kisses.

He has been very helpful; helping me take my bedsheets off the bed and helping to mop after I mopped the floor.

We went outside to play in the mud…J enjoyed splashing in the water..He wanted nothing to do with getting muddy. With my assistance he scooped mud in the dump truck.

J agreed to go inside and take a nap since he was out of sorts and just wanted to rest. He then changed his mind and ventured into the playroom to play with toys and watch Thomas & Friends. He is sitting on the “puke sheet” with his turquiose vomit basin near him!

He is sipping on a wild concuction of juice (pomergranate& blueberry) gingerale & water.


Last nite, all I wanted was a nice hot steaming bath with soothing vapors.

I planned on sipping hot cocoa with mini marshmallows in it.

But, J had different plans. He went to bed at his usual bedtime 7:15 ish.

We had a long fun & playful day.

He began his morning with playtime at the library.

Then we came home played in the backyard and had lunch and a snack.

Next, we went to the train museum. He explored the famous 1673 Southern Pacific train.

We searched for rectangles and circles. We hunted for the color yellow. Together we counted to 30.

After the train museum we had snack and played in the backyard. At 4:30 we had Rectangle Rug time and we went over concepts: colors, numbers, shapes, and letters.

We read a couple of books…

I fed him dinner, had praise & worship, brushed teeth and nursed him to “sleepyville”.

J did not want the cuddling to end….He would “release” me to finish my “me time” activities.

I put everything on hold to comfort him. I left lights on, turned my bath water off, and left dishes in the sink.

At 2:25am I got up to turn off the lights and he clung to me grumbling and beginning to whimper. I told him I was getting up to turn off the lights and I will be right back. He went back to sleep peacefully. When I laid down He threw himself across my chest.

I was able to fulfill my desires this morning, I had vaporizing vapo-bubble bath. I lathered up with my pomergranate mango bodywash, while smiling at my marsupial toddler boy….He clings on  to me and goes whereever I go. I love him and his clingyness! 🙂