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Last night, I heard a work in progress explosion or as I call it ” bubble guts”.

So, I anticipated liquid poo for the forecast today…

and liquid poo is what J delivered with a extra side of vomit!!!

I have had to change the bed sheets, wash him up in the tub, and wash his clothes & linens.

He still has a slight fever. the fever reducer isn’t taking it down.

He still has a appetite….he is nursing and just wants to be held. He’s moving alot. flapping his arms like is flying and moving his legs all around!

While he sits on my lap we are reading his favorite books and giving him lots of kisses.

He has been very helpful; helping me take my bedsheets off the bed and helping to mop after I mopped the floor.

We went outside to play in the mud…J enjoyed splashing in the water..He wanted nothing to do with getting muddy. With my assistance he scooped mud in the dump truck.

J agreed to go inside and take a nap since he was out of sorts and just wanted to rest. He then changed his mind and ventured into the playroom to play with toys and watch Thomas & Friends. He is sitting on the “puke sheet” with his turquiose vomit basin near him!

He is sipping on a wild concuction of juice (pomergranate& blueberry) gingerale & water.


Last nite, all I wanted was a nice hot steaming bath with soothing vapors.

I planned on sipping hot cocoa with mini marshmallows in it.

But, J had different plans. He went to bed at his usual bedtime 7:15 ish.

We had a long fun & playful day.

He began his morning with playtime at the library.

Then we came home played in the backyard and had lunch and a snack.

Next, we went to the train museum. He explored the famous 1673 Southern Pacific train.

We searched for rectangles and circles. We hunted for the color yellow. Together we counted to 30.

After the train museum we had snack and played in the backyard. At 4:30 we had Rectangle Rug time and we went over concepts: colors, numbers, shapes, and letters.

We read a couple of books…

I fed him dinner, had praise & worship, brushed teeth and nursed him to “sleepyville”.

J did not want the cuddling to end….He would “release” me to finish my “me time” activities.

I put everything on hold to comfort him. I left lights on, turned my bath water off, and left dishes in the sink.

At 2:25am I got up to turn off the lights and he clung to me grumbling and beginning to whimper. I told him I was getting up to turn off the lights and I will be right back. He went back to sleep peacefully. When I laid down He threw himself across my chest.

I was able to fulfill my desires this morning, I had vaporizing vapo-bubble bath. I lathered up with my pomergranate mango bodywash, while smiling at my marsupial toddler boy….He clings on  to me and goes whereever I go. I love him and his clingyness! 🙂

Grounded :(

I know grounding a 2year old is harsh. However, it’s all I got . I figure a natural consequence to hurting a friend is separation from that friend. J is a social butterfly. This social alienation is BIG for him. He cried…he doesnt cry for his 2 minute timeouts.

J is grounded to his room for a little bit for hitting his friend in the head.

To teach him empathy he had to hold the ice on his friend’s head with his dump truck.

His friend recieved a bump on his head from this; He is content because he gets to watch his favorite Dvd. Blues Clues Shapes & Colors.

Movies and TLC are the cure all for him.

On Sunday, I was surprised to have a pressure headache on my left side. The pain surrounded my left eye. Next, my nose started feeling congested…Suddenly, I felt mucus in my nose dripping down. Blood was swirling around in it. ( I was diagnosed with what I suspected I had a SINUS INFECTION!)

On Monday, I felt dizzy, shaky, fatigued, feverish (101 and rising), and everytime I bent down to pick something up a throbbing blinding headache would rush through my head. I immediately called my Doctor and scheduled a appointment. He glanced up my nose and concluded “it’s definitely swollen”. He gave me a prescription for Cefdinir 300 mg. The first dose made me feel a lil bit better…it removed my high fever. I got a little of my strength back. But after the 2nd dose I felt a whole lot better. No more fatigue, bewilderment, or any of my flu-like symptoms.

Yesterday, evening I was able to go to my Parents home and take a nap while they played with J. While I slept I heard J and Granpa having a duet on their guitars. I heard wild and happy laughter shared between J and Granma.

J has a sandbox in the backyard.

I recently bought him some deluxe garden set which included a hoe, rake, shovel, sand sifter, 2 pails, and lots of digging equipment. He loves it.

I want to buy mega bloks mega wagon. J loves to pull and push things this would be a major source of fun for him.

I also wanted to get him some bulldozers,tractors, cement trucks and dump trucks. That are small and great for a toddler/preschooler. Target sometimes has the ones I’m pining for in their dollar bins.

Cool Musical Toys

Concert Master ViolinConcert Master Violin $14.97 @ Walmart

Munchkin - Mozart Magic CubeAngel 25-Note Chromatic Xylophone SetTriple Sounds SaxophoneLittle Tikes Tap-A-Tune BellsLearning Resources Melody Express Musical Train

I am brainstorming on how to improve J’s playroom.

I want to add some color. I like bright/citrus colors such as yellow, orange, & lime.

But I also like deep warm colors such as purple, turquise,& brown.

Some other colors I like are electric blue, a bright deep green, maybe primary colors….

I have a few ideas :

1. framed fabric

2. getting rid of the big bulky couches and getting a futon matteress with large colorful throw pillows.

3. several colorful rugs

4. converting the table into a play tent (using a king size sheet)

5. using the largest wall as a art display

Yesterday, J came in my room as I was folding the Mt. Kilamajaro of laundry, I smelled poo!

Then I found out as I proceded to change and clean him up….poo sprinkled down his leg, smeared all over his sock, stuck to his pants leg…..We  were up to our eyeballs in poo! His diaper was loaded with poo.

I got him cleaned up…when I happened to glance down on the floor of the playroom which stores the laundry closet. I saw a GIANT piece of poo on the beige carpet. The later I noticed the trail of poo from the playroom through the kitchen and hallway.

Moments later to my shock & horror I found a HUGE clump of poo on the playrug.

It makes me question: How can such a little guy have soooooo much poo?

I have relaxed on him going potty because he has been feeling well…we have been more focused on hugs, kisses, & cuddles. Potty is on hold…..I know I need to be consistent but getting him well is really my priorty.

J had a really scary time last week….he had cranial swelling, his entire ear was swollen, and the surgical wound was oozing dark yellowish brown puss….He had to get an IV which he later ripped out. Was admitted to the hospital; which he loved because of the constant adoration from the dr’s and nurses and other medical staff. J was saddened and cried when I told him the T.V. and the black hotwheels truck stayed at the hospital.

His ear is looking much better…I’m cleaning it with saline wipes, packing it with bactrim at nite and letting it breath during the day so it can heal…He is on some intensely bitter antibiotic Clindamyacin…It makes white mucus looking stuff in his mouth when its adminstered.

Tonite I put together J’s Jump’ N Slam Basketball hoop.
It took me an hour….it probably wouldnt have taken me as long if i had taken the time to read directions. I had to unscrew some after realizing I needed to screw pieces together. It was a fun adventure but because I was practicing independence. Not acting like a helpless woman and automatically giving it to a male family member to set up. My thumb aches and is tender to the touch because of my independence. It was a little daunting having a 2 year old anxiously waiting and fighting sleep ; in the same space. J’s room felt very cramped as I put it together. He wanted to sit on the stem of the b-ball set, attempt to throw balls, when the hoop wasnt on yet, give me hugs andd breastfeed.
He nursed while I screwed in the screws and one point I had to use my less dominant hand to screw in the screws with a screwdriver.
Afterwards he enjoyed playing basketball; we put on his new basketball pajamas.