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Lately, J has been asking to go potty or bringing the potty to me and exclaiming “potty”!

He will also answer truthfully if you ask him if he needs to go potty.

He hasn’t had very many accidents.


Yesterday, J came in my room as I was folding the Mt. Kilamajaro of laundry, I smelled poo!

Then I found out as I proceded to change and clean him up….poo sprinkled down his leg, smeared all over his sock, stuck to his pants leg…..We  were up to our eyeballs in poo! His diaper was loaded with poo.

I got him cleaned up…when I happened to glance down on the floor of the playroom which stores the laundry closet. I saw a GIANT piece of poo on the beige carpet. The later I noticed the trail of poo from the playroom through the kitchen and hallway.

Moments later to my shock & horror I found a HUGE clump of poo on the playrug.

It makes me question: How can such a little guy have soooooo much poo?

I have relaxed on him going potty because he has been feeling well…we have been more focused on hugs, kisses, & cuddles. Potty is on hold…..I know I need to be consistent but getting him well is really my priorty.

J had a really scary time last week….he had cranial swelling, his entire ear was swollen, and the surgical wound was oozing dark yellowish brown puss….He had to get an IV which he later ripped out. Was admitted to the hospital; which he loved because of the constant adoration from the dr’s and nurses and other medical staff. J was saddened and cried when I told him the T.V. and the black hotwheels truck stayed at the hospital.

His ear is looking much better…I’m cleaning it with saline wipes, packing it with bactrim at nite and letting it breath during the day so it can heal…He is on some intensely bitter antibiotic Clindamyacin…It makes white mucus looking stuff in his mouth when its adminstered.

This week J & I practiced pulling his pants up & down…

So, he can independently go potty.

When we are at home he is only wearing elastic waist pants…zippers & buttons are too tricky!

He has been able to stay dry with the new obstacle I have put in front of him.

Our next step, is going to be keeping a potty in the minivan and taking a potty seat whereever we go.

I am going to let go of the outting diaper and put him in underwear.

I have put several changes of clothes in the car…to prepare for accidents…but I have confidence that he is READY :).

Rocking the Potty: Potty Animal

On Friday, we had lots of accidents.

J didnt want to sit on the potty long.

He’d get up prematurely; then pee on the floor moments later.

One incident I saw it coming, he looked at me with the “I have to pee” look. Seconds later its spraying out. Then he looked like a deer in headlights. I cleaned it up , changed his undies, and he continued to play. After having several accidents in a row. I put him in a diaper and told him we were going a potty break and he didnt sit on the potty for several hours. He played  without disruption and did much better after nap.

On Saturday, I brought the potty with us for the first time to church.

I left the potty in the van while we were in Sabbath School, but afterwards I went to the van to get snacks (which is in a big backpack on wheels). I had my hands full. I had my backpack, J’s backpack, and his froggy potty. I’m rushing to put stuff down in the Nursery. (oh! my Mom has J in the sanctuary) So, I rush into the sanctuary to get J (so I dont miss the Pee window). I forgot to put the potty down….put everything else in the nursery. But carried the potty in the sanctuary. (lol) My Aunt C remarked ” I need a little more couth!” “Everybody doesnt need to know he’s going potty!”

On Sabbath, we had a good potty day! We missed the windows for urine while at church but did fine when we arrived at home.

Yesterday (Monday), J BM’ed on the potty, and deposited lots of urine in the potty.

We are still only wearing diapers at naptime, some social events,bedtime and when we want uninterrupted playtime.

He enjoyed his hillclimbing today. Without constant questioning ” J do you need to go potty?”.

Today, was a new day…full of experimentation.

Today, J went to a public event with out a diaper, rode in his car seat with out a diaper….and managed to stay dry all day!

I put the potty in the bathroom, and he brought the potty out to me in the living room.

He sat on a “big” potty and BM’ed in it without hesitation…usually he is very weary of “big” potties.

I was weary to try this because yesterday we had several “mistakes”; I was getting shy of the idea of sans diaper.

But as always J amazes me!

We will have up & down days; but I wont let the down days get me discouraged! Im going to keep moving forward with a upbeat attitude!

Today J didn’t eat much or drink much.

He nursed a little here & there. Nibbled on honey crisp apples, pineapple chunks, and a few big spoonfuls of lentils & mashed potatoes.

He dribbled out less than a teaspoon of urine in the potty. But flooded his pants.

We had a total of 3 clothing changes today.

The irony of these accidents is they were directly moments after getting off the potty.

I didn’t make a big deal out of the incidents. I addressed them by saying ” Let’s  clean you up with a wipe & get a fresh pair of underwear and pants on!” I let him choose which pants he wanted to wear. Which he didn’t care because he wanted to be naked but it was too cold to oblige his wish.

Lately, I have been experimenting with J only wearing the diaper during naptime and bedtime.

He has had lots of successes for example this Morning and Afternoon he had 2 bm & 5 urines in the potty and three misses ( 1 was my fault because I took too long preparing snack, instead of putting him on the potty first).