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I am adjusting J’s playrooms to be more functional. He has really been interested in using his foam blocks. I moved his blocks into smaller bins and moved them to the bigger playroom. He has more floor space to create block structures.

I moved the easel from the doorway of his Art, Music, and Study room. His magnet board was transferred to the rug. He has lost interest in his magnet board, I thought by moving it would bring it back into his attention. That is not the case. This evening I will clear everything off of it and put his magnet triangles on it. They are primary colors, so it might capture his attention.

I also removed his wooden blocks and plastic blocks from the bin and put them on the shelves. He played with them last night.

I have put some level 1 and 2 books in a basket on the floor for him to be able to read and relax time. His favorite book in the basket is Pete the Cat the book inspired his jack o’ lantern to be Pete the Cat. His pumpkin has blue ears and blue whiskers. He made at preschool today.


Therapy dog

Today, while checking out at Albertson’s Grocery.

J asked the cashier “What’s your name?”

She said “Sam.”

He smiled at her and said ” You’re special!”

She responded with a smile and “Thank you!”

J quickly exclaimed “Nice to meet you! Have a great day!”

He made me so proud to be his Momma. He is a BIG 4 year old!

No Nap Friday! :(

Today, we had a fun day!

J had his blood drawn to check his Ammonia levels. Before the Technician could draw his blood he said ” No! Stop”.

We went to the store, and bought a 2nd Thomas backpack. Just in case anything happens to the first. I haven’t found too many places where I can buy a Thomas Backpack. We also bought lunchware. It was Cars themed.


We came home and colored a picture for J’s Speech Therapist and I wrote a Thank You note. She appreciated our gratitude picture.

After his Speech visit; we had a pizza party. The boys ate blueberries, kiwi,  & grapes for appetizers. They enjoyed pizza and french fries for lunch. They also watched a Thomas Movie.

We had storytime. We read books on shapes and colors. The boys each picked a fun book…Superman and Wheels on the Bus.

Next, was bedtime….it was a nightmare. I was exhausted and J was not. He was playful. So, I gave up on him and sent him to his room to play with his cars. He went into the playroom and woke up Sky.

After Sky went home, he became even more rambocious. Biting, hitting, not listening, just being obnoxious. I knew the mania was caused by being tired but he refused to laydown even when I laid down with him.

To refresh my nerves I took him to McDonalds…we had a small icecream and then he played for 3 hours. He had so much fun runnng up & down the jungle gym, sliding , and meeting new friends. He told Diego ” You my friend.”  They shared alot of laughter, smiles and happiness.

He was standing by me and lost his balance. He fell and rolled, hitting several of the steps. I gave him several kisses and hugs and he was better. He continued to play, energetically!

Then we picked up some groceries. He had snack…finished our bedtime routine storytime and teethbrushing. Before I finished singing the first chorus he was knocked out.

It started yesterday, J went to bed early.He missed dinner. He slept nearly 16 hours. I was exhausted because I was told he was only suppose to sleep for 4 hours . So, I spent alot of time trying to get him to wake up. Losing sleep. I was EXHAUSTED today. J was well rested despite my efforts  to thrawt his slumber.

When we got there the nurse told me ” Sleep deprivation wasn’t neccessary”.

J did really well. The Valium took effect almost immediately. In his drunken stuper he said “I’m a awake!” while fighting the drug. He refused to go to sleep. He was not distracted by the Spider cartoon on the Ipad. He watched the Dr. perform the test and complained of pain. He whimpered and cried without tears. The Dr. performed the test solely on J’s legs.

For a while J was walking on his toes and had other strange behaviors. Mr. J was picking at his skin until it bleeds, however, has since stopped those behaviors. He was given several blood test where it was discovered that he had elevated levels of ammonia, beta-alanine & createse kinase. I’m going to take him later today or tomorrow to get his levels checked again.


The Dr. reported that his nerves and muscles are working properly.

Electroencephalograph, or EEG, is a neurological test that uses an electronic monitoring device to measure and record electrical activity in the brain.

Nerve conduction studies (NCT) are specific tests designed to detect diseases of the nerves and muscles.Nerves control the muscles in the body using electrical impulses. Whenever a muscles contract (tenses up) in response to a signal from the brain, it also produce an electrical discharge of its own. Electromyography (EMG) measures the electrical discharges made by the muscles. Nerve conduction studies (nerve conduction velocity) measure how well individual nerves can transmit electrical signals.

Measuring the electrical activity in muscles and nerves can help detect the presence, location, and extent of diseases that can damage muscle tissue (such as muscular dystrophy) or nerves (such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). In the case of nerve injury, the actual site of nerve damage can often be located. EMG and nerve conduction studies are often done together to provide more complete information.

In nerve conduction testing, the technician will place round metallic electrodes on the skin over the nerve at various locations of the body. The technician will send electric impulses through specific nerves, and the response time or reaction of the nerves will be measured.  The response time of each individual nerve will help determine if the nerve is normal or abnormal.


School shopping

Today, we went school shopping for Mr. J. I found some good deals. I am only buying winter items because he has plenty of short and T’s.

I found a Hoodie set: Black, White, & Grey Checkered Plaid Hoodie coat (mid-weight), long-sleeve T, and black cargo  jeans.

I also purchased two waffle thermal long sleeve T’s.

Warm brown, bright blue, and red plaid longsleeve campshirts caught my eye…especially one with elbow patches. My heart swooned.


I also found a Tapout newsboy hat.  It was on clearance for $3.oo.

This outfit knocked my socks off; I’m a big fan of turquiose. I love the subtle touches of blue and the embellished back pockets.



I decided a while ago I was gong to start journaling J’s behavior, sleeping habits, mood, etc…even his daily diet.

Diet: Today J ate string cheese, a bite of cheese pizza, a few spoonfulls of strawberry yogurt, a few bites of red and green apple with skin. He drank several cups of water. He breastfed only a few times during the day.

Activity: We played at the childrens museum, he enjoyed himself. J explored coloring with the neon light, the orange obstacle course, monkey room, and train table.

He enjoyed his visit with Andrea & Christie; the speech and occupational therapist. He practiced using his core muscles while doing activities on the big blue ball, he did a obstacle course thru his tunnel and tent using pillows. At the end he began to wimper and cry (without tears) as if he were in pain. He got a lost look in his eyes and just quietly sat on my lap. He perked up a lil walking the ladies to the door sayng good bye. He was able to play longer without having to laydown so much on his right side.

He played really well at the park; he favored the yellow double slide.

I have noticed a tremendous personalty change in J. He use to sing all the time, play  his musical intruments all the time, have so much zeal and energy, smiles every few seconds, he seems more aloof and withdrawn, He only wants to play with his trains. He loves to play with his Bestie Sky, crys when he leaves and talks about him alot…but use to to talk about him nonstop. His appetite has decreased dramatically. He doesnt eat much solids or breastmilk. He is consuming lots of water. He was also picking at his skin til it bled and continue to pick at it,however,  has stopped. He was doing toewalking everytime he walked but that has also stopped.

J’s vocab is increasing…he is saying sentences…such as :

stop it!

don’t do that.

No spitting.

I don’t like that!

I jump,

I sad.

I mad.

I’m 2.

J kept asking to go potty when Sky had to go potty but he didn’t have to go….just imitating.

He didn’t take a nap today but went to bed early.

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