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Blended Broth:

2 green bell peppers

1 red bell pepper

3 bushels of cilantro

2 yellow squash

1 green squash

1 Mexican Squash

2 bushels of green onion

1 lemon

4 cloves of garlic


5 Russet potatoes

1 yellow onion

1 white onion

4 carrots

1 bag of okra

1 box of mushrooms

and boxed Chicken Broth

3 Carne Asada filets

Olive oil

Canola oil


Salt Free Seasoning

Garlic salt with Parsley flakes

Italian Seasoning


lentil soup

lime juice concentrate

extra virgin olive oil

garlic cloves

diced tomatoes




chicken broth


diced bell pepper ( yellow, red, green, orange)

I let the beans and veggies with seasoning soak for 2 hours and will let it slow cook all nite and day.

Sweet & Sour Salmon

I rubbed the salmon with lemon pepper & herbs.

I baked it in : lemon juice & pineapple juice.

I seasoned it with onion, minced garlic, liquid smoke, and paparika.

The salmon had hints of sweetness mixed with a perfect tartness!

My Creative Recipe that turned out to be delicious!

1 package of Seasoned Spring veggies by PictSweet (10 oz) [squash, carrots, asparagus, red peppers, celery]

1 package of seasoned summer veggies (12 oz) [ squash, green beans, carrots, onions, red peppers]

28 oz of chicken broth

1 bag of fresh broccoli (12oz)

16 oz of chicken breast

14 oz of extra firm tofu (organic Nasoya)

4 tsp of chili garlic

8oz of Kikkoman garlic & green onion terriyaki sauce

1 onion

1 tblspoon of cajun seasoning

1 tspoon of liquid smoke

I cooked the veggies in chicken broth in a pot.

I stir-fried the chicken breast,broccoli, chili garlic, liquid smoke and cajun seasoning were cooked together. Once the chicken was throughly cooked I added the tofu and terriyaki sauce and a lil more cajun seasoning. I let them cook and simmer in the sauce for an hour to cook in the flavor.

After letting it cook I added it to the cooked veggies in chicken broth.

lentil & split pea soup

Yummy Lentil & Split pea soup!



butternut squash soup (broth)

chicken broth

1 medium red potato

2 cups of chopped spinach

1 cup of sliced carrots

2/3 cup of yellow onion

1/3 cup of

trader joes’s harvest grains blend : couscous, orzo, baby garbanzo beans, and red quinoa

1 vegatable bouillon and a pinch of celery salt

Lentil Veggie Soup

lentil veggie soup

lentils (16 oz)

carrots (whole;baby)

yellow onion

Roma tomato

Green bell pepper

minced garlic

veggie bouillon

olive oil

season salt

I slowed cooked it in a medium size crock pot. I had the lentils on low from 12p-6p. At 6p turned it to high until 12am.