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Road Trip

We began our journey at 4 AM this morning. My Mom & Dad, Sister, Nephew & Dog (Rockie), are our companions. I enjoyed seeing the red rocks of Arizona , red sand of New Mexico, and the wildlife we saw grazing while speeding down the highway.

J and I slept through most of the day. While we were up, I read The Lost Crown of Sodor to J. He drew pictures and spelled apple with Grandma. He and Grandma watched Word World.
As J grew increasingly tired he became upset with his phonics computer because it only recognizes 3 letter words and he wanted to spell the word AS. He became so angry he broke into hives.

We went to Braums for dinner, when we arrived in Oklahoma. J was greatly disappointed because he got his ice cream in a cup. He was adamant that it was NOT ice cream because it was in a cup instead of a cone. He sipped it, however, refused to eat it because it as not in a cone. Ironically, he never eats the cone.

This vacation has had a terrific start because of the laughter shared and cohesion.



I like these bright shelves.

I enjoy the simplicity of the lounge chair and a plant. The tall book shelf compliments the room.

It is neat how the bookshelves are part of the wall; but leaves room for a piece of art or window.




Salsa Verde (cilantro, onion, green tomatillo)

green onion





red, yellow sweet mini bell peppers

4 cheese spaghetti sauce

Italian cheese & Seasoning

spaghetti noodles

boo boo on his hand= MALEodrama…he was soooo dramatic about his abrasion. He still needs kisses and hugs. He begins to weep when he sees it..2 days later!

ice on the boo boo

J is helping me make the bed.
I did 8 loads of laundry on Saturday, mopped the floors, just cleaned house and the yard.

J entertains himself while I clean; periodically I jump in and play with him.

Veggie Tacos

chopped onion

chopped green chile

yellow corn

black beans

grapeseed oil

chili powder

onion salt

sauteed yellow bell pepper,soft yellow corn tortillas seasoned with poultry seasoning, smart butter, onion salt

mexican cheese

chunky salsa

Unschooling is a range of educational philosophies and practices centered on allowing children to learn through their natural life experiences, including play, game play, household responsibilities, work experience, and social interaction, rather than through a more traditional school curriculum. There are many who find it controversial.[1] Unschooling encourages exploration of activities, often initiated by the children themselves, facilitated by the adults. Unschooling differs from conventional schooling principally in the thesis that standard curricula and conventional grading methods, as well as other features of traditional schooling, are counterproductive to the goal of maximizing the education of each child.

The term “unschooling” was coined in the 1970s and used by educator John Holt, widely regarded as the “father” of unschooling.[2] While often considered a subset of homeschooling, unschoolers may be as philosophically separate from other homeschoolers as they are from advocates of conventional schooling. While homeschooling has been subject to widespread public debate, little media attention has been given to unschooling in particular. Popular critics of unschooling tend to view it as an extreme educational philosophy, with concerns that unschooled children lack the social skills, structure, and motivation of their peers, especially in the job market, while proponents of unschooling say exactly the opposite is true: self-directed education in a natural environment makes a child more equipped to handle the “real world.”[3]

A fundamental premise of unschooling is that curiosity is innate and that children want to learn. From this an argument can be made that institutionalizing children in a so-called “one size fits all” or “factory model” school is an inefficient use of the children’s time, because it requires each child to learn a specific subject matter in a particular manner, at a particular pace, and at a particular time regardless of that individual’s present or future needs, interests, goals, or any pre-existing knowledge he or she might have about the topic.

Many unschoolers believe that opportunities for valuable hands-on, community-based, spontaneous, and real-world experiences are missed when educational opportunities are limited to those inside a school building.


We have a schedule:

9:30-11:30: Library time: which includes playing with toys, circle time, craft activity, songs and dance.

11:30-12pm : Lunchtime (at our daily fieldtrip of the day)


1pm: cirriculum reading : Planting a rainbow, Eating a rainbow, How plants grow, Gardening for Kids.

2pm: Naptime

5pm: snack and outsidetime

I would like more time to focus on subjects such as shapes, math, ABC’s, colors and sometimes Phonics (usually done in the morning; but not always.)

I need to find balance; so the boys can have plenty of freedom to play but also learn.

I’m deeply attached to routine ( even though not everyday is the same but we have a basic flow) and I like a curriculum because it gives me security and keeps me focused on their education.

I make sure that we do alot of kid friendly activities and let them make daily choices. For example today, they were given the choice between going to the community garden with the playground or going to botantical garden. Sky chose community garden with the playground, J refused to give me a answer when asked several times.

We were going to the Train Museum once a week but Sky said that it was getting boring, so we have been mixing it up a bit. Finding new places to go. We also changed the cirriculum to fit these choices. For the month of May we are studying Living Things: Plants and Animals. We have been visiting community gardens, nurseries, zoo, and next week we will go to pets stores ( a suggestion from Sky). We will also choose a aquatic pet for us to care at home-to further our study of living things and hopefully find a plant to live with our pet.

Later this month J will be attending 2 classes a week through Parks and Recreation. The classes he will be attending are Dance and Motor Development. They are separated by age. He has a new love of swimming so swimming and/or waterplay will be a regular activity. I’m thinking of getting a cheap lil plastic pool for evening play and going to the city pool’s during the days.

I was tempted to put him in a Arts -n- Crafts but his attention span doesn’t really last for art. His attention varies but its not his thing…unless it involves paint…crayons kind of bore him. He loves to smear the glue stick.

While reading this book to J, He changed the word Papa to Mom. This broke my heart , tears well up when I think about that moment.

This was one of the many books that focus on father & child bond and love, that I believed and wanted in my earlier part of my pregnancy to be part of J’s reading time with his father.

It hurts me, that J doesn’t have a involved & loving Dad. A dad he can share childhood secrets with, he doesn’t have a Dad that he run to with open arms and a smile as wide as his face.  A Dad he thinks is the best, the sun rises and falls with. Someone he can see his own reflection ( because they look just alike). A Dad to shares laughs and good times and to teach life lessons. A dad who gives amazing and infinite love.

Daddies are so IMPORTANT. Daddies nourish and nurture their babies and provide love and protection.

When I was in my 20’s I read a article about Mothers as gatekeepers in their childrens relationship with their Fathers. That always stuck on my mind. I have done everything to make and create a relationship for J and his Father. I call update him on things that are going on his life, I have taken him to see him and brought J’s favorite toys and books ( to help foster positive memories), I call J’s father just to remind him whenever he wants to see J he can (I will postpone any plans so they can spend time together), I told him he can call anytime to talk to him. I have asked him if he understands that he can see him whenever, I have emphasized you can see him Monday thru Sunday.

I get bombarded with sorry excuses of his emotional hurt over me breaking up with him.  It’s plain self-centeredness that is the reason why he is not involved. He loves to tell people he loves J, but when confronted about him calling me to tell me he doesn’t want me to bring J around anymore for them to spend time together, he exclaims ” I don’t want to discuss that right now.” or just denies it.

He had nerve this week to call me with his Uncle on the phone. His Uncle tried to make excuses for his behavior exclaiming that my ex grew up without a Father and that was a explanation for his deficits. My Mom who is a retired Special Ed teacher offered to buy him a car ( to which I told her NO! he is a Man he needs to save, work and earn his car(I wasn’t seeing a hardwork ethic)) and provided him with free private GED tutoring which he eventually declined and refused to attend after he said he was learning.

I grew up without a Father, and yes it comes with its challenges but is NEVER a good enough excuse/EXPLANATION to not accomplish or be a great Dad.

I have 2 associates and a bachelors, paid my mortage, raised my nephew…did all that without a  DAD in my life. I know many people in my family who didn’t have a nuclear family who have Masters degrees. My own Mom’s Dad dies when she was 9 years old; raised 4 children by herself because of IRRESPONSIBLE  men she married didnt take their roles as husband & father seriously. My Mom has 2 masters degrees in Education.  President Clinton & Obama were both raised by single Moms.

J is blessed to have a very LOVING  granpa. Who gives him attention, love and lets J shadow him.

I love my son, he is the best! He is jubilant, expressive, creative, delightful and my everything!

Honey Glazed Citrus Tilapia


Clover Honey

lime juice

pineapple juice

olive oil



onion powder

poultry seasoning





green bell pepper

Chicken Vegatable Curry Soup

Chicken breast




Green Onion



Curry powder

Lipton Onion Soup


Olive oil



green onion & garlic teriyaki sauce




bell pepper

green beans

snap peas

lime juice

olive oil