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Salsa Verde (cilantro, onion, green tomatillo)

green onion





red, yellow sweet mini bell peppers

4 cheese spaghetti sauce

Italian cheese & Seasoning

spaghetti noodles


Veggie Tacos

chopped onion

chopped green chile

yellow corn

black beans

grapeseed oil

chili powder

onion salt

sauteed yellow bell pepper,soft yellow corn tortillas seasoned with poultry seasoning, smart butter, onion salt

mexican cheese

chunky salsa

Sweet N Sour Salmon

diced onion

chunks of pineapple

pineapple juice

olive oil


poultry seasoning

bell pepper

lime juice

pineapple & mango puree sauce

I am thinking about making homemade mac-n-cheese with veggies.

The ingredients I’m considering are:

ricotta cheese

cottage cheese ?

sour cream



mexican blend cheese

penne pasta

and spices!

Black bean soup

Black beans

pinto beans


tomato sauce

cayenne pepper

mild green chile

yellow corn

chopped spinach

olive oil

6 oz of mozzarella cheese

When I was ready to eat my bowl of bean soup I layered it with chunky chopped avacados, minced garlic, chili garlic sauce, and lime juice.

I created my own seafood rub!:

black pepper




minced garlic

chili pepper

onion powder

I chopped up fresh veggies and layered it on top of the marinading salmon:

red bell pepper




The base of my marinade was made of:


tomato sauce

olive oil

cayenne pepper

I baked the Salmon at 470 F  for 30 minutes.


We had a lot of fun!

Jett loved the music and atmosphere so much he didnt eat. He looked around and smiled. He really like the sign that had a guitar and below it it read “Mariachi”. Jett smiled and pretended to strum a guitar while blissfully staring at the sign. He also liked the parrots, coconut ‘head’, and chili lights.

Jett also relished the background music. He sang along very LOUDLY!

The food was GREAT! My Mom and I both had a ‘deluxe burro’ enchilada style. The burro was delicious it had HUGE chunks of avocado with a great seasoning. I also had rice and beans; that were superb. Granpa James had soft beef tacos with Mexican cheese-they were SCRUMPTIOUS!

I went hog wild on chips and salsa…..they were so GOOD to me!

lentil & split pea soup

Yummy Lentil & Split pea soup!



butternut squash soup (broth)

chicken broth

1 medium red potato

2 cups of chopped spinach

1 cup of sliced carrots

2/3 cup of yellow onion

1/3 cup of

trader joes’s harvest grains blend : couscous, orzo, baby garbanzo beans, and red quinoa

1 vegatable bouillon and a pinch of celery salt